45 Fun Activities to Do At Home and My Honest Opinion on Quarantine

45 FUN ACTIVITIES TO DO AT HOME by lifestyle blogger Laura Lily

Fun Activities to Do At Home and My Honest Opinion on Quarantine

We are living in a very interesting time now that many of us are on mandatory quarantine. Someday we’ll tell our kids about this time. I know a lot of people are complaining about being stuck at home but, in all honesty, I don’t mind it. Sure I miss going to the gym to work out with my trainer, Jenn, and my evening polo practice. This week I’m missing a trip to Arizona with my badass little sister, Kelly. But those things will all come back once the quarantine is lifted. And it will be someday. It’s just really important to think positive in a time like this and not be living in fear.  Instead, I focus on the positives and look forward to the little things, like dinner at my favorite Sushi restaurant in Redondo Beach called Japonica.

I’m looking forward to brunch with my girlfriends and leisurely trips to Home Goods with Mandy. Perhaps I’m not going stir crazy at home because I work from home so I am quite used to this scenery on a daily basis. (See my tips for working from home here.) Or maybe I’m just a homebody. Either way, I’m not counting the number of days I’ve been in quarantine because that seems rather daunting and uninspiring. Instead, I’ve taken up a few projects and activities at home that I thought I’d share to occupy your days at home.

45 Fun Activities to Do At Home

  1. Decorate your house for spring. Spring Home Decor Ideas
  2. Closet Cleanout and Organization (full blog post here.)
  3. Plan a Trip – for the future. Map out a road trip, cities you’d like to visit, attractions to see. I’ve got a whole list of cities in my travel guide section. 
  4. Take a bath- light those candles, throw in a bath bomb, and pour yourself a glass of wine. Shared a few tips on how to unwind at home here.
  5. Try out a new recipe. I have got a ton saved to my Pinterest boards and my goal is to try a new one each week!
  6. Get your Easter Table set up.
  7. Bake some Easter cupcakes
  8. Learn a new language. (Audible is great for this)
  9. Decorate or create a bar cart
  10. Have a picnic in your backyard (lots of picnic ideas here.)
  11. Bring out good ole fashioned board games!
  12. Read a new book. I listed my favorites books of 2020 here.
  13. Start a blog (sharing how to start a blog in this post.)
  14. Re-decorate or re-organize a room. Spring is a great time to refresh a space. Get some inspiration from Pinterest an
  15. List clothes, accessories, bags and shoes you no longer wear on Poshmark to make some extra cash. Check out my Poshmark closet here.
  16. Decorate your patio or balcony. Target is having an amazing sale on all their patio furniture! 
  17. Finish your taxes. Even though the federal government extended the deadline to July, it is still a good idea to get them done and out of the way. Check out blogger tips for taxes here.
  18. Start a garden. Find a little plot outside, get in touch with nature, plant some seeds and watch your little garden start to grow.
  19. Remodel a bathroom. I get not everyone can do this project, but if you have been thinking about It, now is the time. Check out my bathroom remodel here and some of my bathroom remodel ideas for my guest bathroom here.
  20. And if you really want to get into it, start planning your kitchen remodel.
  21. Sort through old magazines. Tear out pages for an inspiration board and recycle the rest.
  22. Stretch. This little bit of exercise can cure a lot of issues, stiff/tight muscles, especially if you have been sitting and/or looking at your phone all day, and many headaches.
  23. Make a healthy smoothie. I shared my green smoothie recipe in this post.
  24. Give yourself an at-home facial treatment. Might I suggest my favorite skincare products?
  25. Go through and clean our your makeup
  26. Clean your makeup brushes. We never do this enough. I love the Anisa Beauty makeup brush cleaner and cleaning pad.
  27. Set up a gallery wall
  28. Clean out your makeup. Note makeup expires and it may be time to purchase new products. Check out the dates here.
  29. Give yourself a hair mask. Might I suggest this one?
  30. Start an online course. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to get your Real Estate license or go back to school?
  31. Learn to knit. It’s addicting and soothing all at the same time.
  32. Upgrade your living room in a few different affordable ways.
  33. Make your own feather blazer
  34. Create your own DIY Derby Day Hat
  35. Go through and organize old family photos
  36. Watch YouTube videos. It’s impossible not to go down a rabbit hole of new videos to add to your watch list.
  37. Binge-watch an old favorite tv-show or a new one!
  38. Watch educational documentaries. My favorite is called “Explained.”
  39. Pull out the board games! When is the last time you played Monopoly?
  40. Take steps to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself.
  41. Start a Tik Tok, because why not? Dance the night away.
  42. Shop online sales. Target, Nordstrom, and Asos are my current favorites!
  43. Try a new DIY manicure like this falling glitter mani.
  44. Work on a few confidence boosters.
  45. Style outfits. When I clean out my closet I find things I forgot I had and I start putting outfits together with them. It’s a fun way to push my creative boundaries and pair things I may never have thought to before.

Those are the ideas I have for now. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy out there. As always, thank you for stopping by.



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