My Favorite Ways To Wind Down at Home

My Favorite Ways To Wind Down featured by top lifestyle blog Laura Lily, My Favorite Ways To Wind Down featured by top lifestyle blog Laura Lily,  My Favorite Ways To Wind Down featured by top lifestyle blog Laura Lily,

My Favorite Ways To Wind Down at Home

Let’s face it, at times life can become more stressful than we would like it to be. How do we combat this? Determining our trigger points and eliminating those. But sometimes it is not possible to completely eliminate them (ahem, a pesky relative or a stressful job.)  This is when it’s important to find ways to wind down after a long day. So today I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to wind down at home…

Take A Bath

Baths are one of my favorite self-pampering rituals. Fill the tub with bubbles, grab a glass of vino, a good book and just soak for a while. Maybe even put on some soothing music. I’ve been reading about CBD bath bombs and I am curious to try one. Has anyone else tried one? What was your experience?

Have Breakfast in Bed

It is hard enough to get out of bed in the morning as it is. That’s why I like to prolong the process as long as possible by having breakfast in bed. Just make sure to use a cute breakfast tray to keep everything from spilling onto your sheets. I like to grab my laptop and ease into my work day while still in bed.

Sit Outside

Do you ever just sit outside and enjoy nature for a bit? Every morning for the past few weeks I have been sitting on my balcony while I eat my breakfast. I look after all my little plants in my garden and enjoy the fresh morning air. It’s quite lovely and just being outside and surrounded by plants improves my mood.

Enjoy A Glass of Wine

I don’t know about you, but I feel the effects of wine after just one glass. My mind and body instantly start to relax. It’s even better that I get to enjoy it in the comfort of my own home without having to go anywhere.

Cook Something New

Lately, I’ve been using cooking and baking to calm my nerves. I pick a new receipt from my Pinterest board, print it out (because I hate getting food on my phone as I’m cooking) and put on some music while I try and figure out the dish. I’ve even got a booklet of receipes now that I’ve tried with my little notes scribbled on the page for how to improve the dish.

I would love to hear some ways to wind down that work for you. Please share below!



Photos by Taylor Schroder

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