OPEN WE STAND- a Community Platform for Small Business Owners in a Time of Need

OPEN WE STAND- a Community Platform for Small Business Owners in a Time of Need by Lifestyle Blogger Laura Lily, tips and support for small business owners during COVID-19,

Working From Home Tips by Lifestyle blogger and Influencer Laura Lily

OPEN WE STAND- a Community Platform for Small Business Owners in a Time of Need

As many of you who have been following me for a long time may know that I started my blog over 6 years ago. This month marks 3 years that I left my steady corporate job to take Laura Lily full time. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride learning the ups and downs of being self-employed and a small business owner. With this said, I would not trade it for the world as each day is met with new challenges that spark my creativity to new levels.

Open We Stand

What you may not know, is that 6 years ago I started this journey with It was on their website that the journey of truly began with a click of a button. That moment forever changed my life and it is why I am proud to partner with them to support #OpenWeStand, a forum dedicated to helping small business owners like myself navigate through these unprecedented times.

This site offers numerous resources, community answers, ways to show your support and small business stories. It is here that we can come together and support each other.

Admittedly, as a self-employed, full-time blogger, it has been tough. Clients have pushed back or completely canceled campaigns because they are unsure of when this economy will turn around. I have been cutting expenses wherever I can and taking on more essential tasks of the business myself to weather the storm. Instead of hiring someone to help me, I now spend extra time to tackle SEO for my website, social media scheduling, marketing, and even photography.

I am working day and night to keep my business afloat and survive this downturn. I am confident with these changes and the support I have received from this #OpenWeStand forum that we will make it through this together while supporting each other.

Join Me

Please join me at @GoDaddy’s #OpenWeStand forum for resources, inspiration & connection to other entrepreneurs during COVID-19:

As always, thank you for stopping by. This blog post is sponsored by All opinions expressed here are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Laura Lily going!

And to all my fellow small business owners… We’ve got this.


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