#OpenWeStand- Helping Small Business Owners Navigate Through Uncertain times.

#OpenWeStand- Helping Small Business Owners Navigate Through Uncertain times

#OpenWeStand- Helping Small Business Owners Navigate Through Uncertain times

A few months ago I shared with you an online form called #OpenWeStand, – a Community platform for small business owners in a time of need as we navigate through these uncertain times.

As I mentioned in my original post, when this pandemic hit, it was really tough. Especially for someone who works for themselves. Clients pushed back or completely canceled campaigns because they are unsure of when this economy will turn around. I cut expenses wherever I could, took on more essential tasks of the business myself (SEO, social media scheduling, marketing and photography.) I turned my focus to topics that I believed would benefit you, my readers, the most: Ways to Manage Anxiety During the Pandemic, 45 Fun Activities to Do At Home & decorating ideas to make your home feel like an oasis.

A Shoulder to Lean On In Times of Need

The #OpenWeStand platform has helped me tremendously these past few months by helping me adapt to this new normal that we are living in. It offers me support when I need it most and it still is promoting small business owners in many ways. I learned new social media strategies, marketing ideas, & relief options available to small businesses.  The support from other small business owners has been immensely helpful and let me know that I am not alone & that we will get through this.

#OpenWeStand- Helping Small Business Owners Navigate Through Uncertain times

Top Resources

The forum also offers a lot of great articles including examples, “The Key to Selling on Social Media and Connecting with Your Community. and “How to Help PPP Loan Forgiveness.”

I have made the forum part of my daily reading list to keep updated on news and assistance available. So I encourage any other small business owners out there to visit https://www.openwestand.org. See all of the different resources they can offer you.

Join the Conversation

Make sure to check out the #OpenWeStand LinkedIn forum to join the conversation and get the support you need. forum for resources, inspiration & connection to other entrepreneurs during COVID-19: https://www.openwestand.org

You can read my original post regarding the #OpenWeStand forum here.

To my readers, thank you for supporting the brands that keep Laura Lily going! As always, thank you for reading and to Go Daddy for partnering with me on this post!


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