Lobster Appetizers to Serve at a Cocktail Party

Lobster Appetizers to Serve at a Cocktail Party by Lifestyle Blogger Laura Lily,

Lobster Appetizers to Serve at a Cocktail Party by Lifestyle Blogger Laura Lily,
Lobster Appetizers to Serve at a Cocktail Party by Lifestyle Blogger Laura Lily,
Lobster Appetizers to Serve at a Cocktail Party

Summer is here, and it’s time for cookouts, luaus, and cocktail parties. Nothing says summertime quite like some fresh ocean fare, but you probably don’t want to break the bank serving a surf n’ turf entree to dozens of party guests. Instead, try out some of our favorite lobster appetizers to class up your next cocktail party. These bite-sized delicacies are perfect for serving large groups, and they’ll have your guests lining up at the snack table much faster than they do for crudités. Click on each title for the recipe!

Popcorn Lobster

If you can make popcorn chicken and popcorn shrimp, then you can make popcorn lobster. Fresh lobster meat fried up tempura style with some panko breadcrumbs? It’s the crispy, crunchy lobster treat that even the kids can enjoy. This recipe suggests a creamy lager-mustard sauce for dipping, but you can make your own favorite sauce, or even pair with a good store-bought cocktail sauce. Be aware, the recipe makes smaller servings, so you’ll want to prepare several batches of popcorn lobster for a cocktail party. It’s guaranteed to run out faster than anything else.

Corn and Lobster Fritters

If popcorn lobster is a little too basic for your party spread, you can try jazzing it up by adding some sweet summer corn into the mix. As written, this corn and lobster fritters recipe yields a soft, fluffy burst of rich flavor. You could even change up this recipe by using the tempura batter called for in the popcorn lobster recipe to give it an extra bit of crunch. The creamy remoulade recommended here is a zesty garlic & lime combination that compliments the spicier flavors in the fritters. For an extra kick, you could serve with your favorite BBQ or hot sauce instead.

Lobster Salad Cocktail

What could be more appropriate for a cocktail party than a lobster cocktail? There are a few interesting lobster cocktail recipes, but for an easy appetizer, we recommend a good lobster salad cocktail. Less lobster goes a lot farther in a mayonnaise-based salad, and it’s a cool and refreshing treat on a hot summer evening. Food Network’s recipe calls for a dry rub seasoning and a slice of lemon to garnish, adding a classy aesthetic finish to this exquisite creation.

Lobster Mousse

Not all mousse dishes are meant for dessert. A decadent lobster mousse is a fun alternative to a traditional lobster dip that can spice up any party spread. Plus, while dessert mousses can be complicated and delicate to prepare, this hearty seafood creation is so much simpler that even the amateur can’t get it wrong. You can even try tweaking the spices and flavorings to get to taste you want without ruining the basic recipe itself. Lobster mousse can be enjoyed alone or with pita bread, chips, or crackers, and it pairs well with a lighter white wine or champagne. Be warned, however, that gelatinated fish isn’t the most common snack in the United States, so you’ll want to offer some alternatives for your less adventurous party guests.

Lobster Dip

The traditional lobster dip, however, will always have its place in a classic seafood spread. The consistency is thicker than lobster mousse and much more familiar in the USA, so it’s a more accessible treat for the average party-goer. You can even add crab and other selections to this recipe to give it more variety. You can also substitute lobster for the meat called for another seafood dips. There are a million lobster dip recipes to choose from; we like this one because it’s simple and easy to make, but packed with flavor.

Summer Lobster Tacos

What south-of-the-border treat makes a more popular summertime favorite than tacos? Nothing will win over the hearts of your guests like a well-stocked taco bar. The simple beauty of this recipe is that you don’t have to follow it very closely at all. A taco is a creation. The best seafood taco bars will have a range of toppings and ingredients from the essentials like cheese and veggies to fun additions like tartar sauce, fried shrimps, or onion straws. Served with a strong pitcher of margaritas, a summer lobster taco bar will kick off your cocktail party with a bang.

Classic New England Lobster Rolls

No lobster dish in the USA is more iconic than the New England lobster roll. There are tons of variations to this classic beach fare, but at its heart, it’s a simple open-faced sandwich of lobster, lettuce, and mayonnaise (or drawn butter). The lobster roll is a quick and easy handheld treat that your guests can assemble from scratch however they like. You can give them options like leafy greens, other classic veggies like onions or tomatoes, and different sauces or dressings. For some variety, offer your guests an option of the traditional white bread roll, whole grain bread, or a pretzel loaf.

Bacon-Wrapped Lobster Tail Bites

We couldn’t wrap up our appetizer list without a bacon dish, so we decided to wrap up some lobster tail in bacon strips. Bacon wrapping is the hottest trend in finger foods right now, and this recipe couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is mash up some lobster tail, form a big batch of bite-sized pieces, and wrap them up in juicy bacon. You can save some calories by using turkey bacon, or you can load them up with extras like cheddar and tartar sauce drizzle. This version even calls for maple syrup. For the ultimate bacon experience, sprinkle some crispy bacon bits on top as a garnish!

Where to Find the Perfect Lobster

Don’t live near the coast? High-quality lobsters can be tricky to find. In the age of dropshipping, even Midwesterners can enjoy a fresh catch. You can get Lobster Anywhere delivered, as the name implies, anywhere in the USA with insanely fast shipping. Make your next cocktail party the talk of the town with a decadent lobster appetizer platter no matter where you are in the country!

As always, thank you for stopping by! Make sure to check out more of my entertaining guides here! Including everything, you need for the perfect summer BBQ!


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