How to Make a Cheese Board in Under 10 Minutes

How to Make a Cheese Board in Under 10 Minutes, tips featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Laura Lily

How to Make a Cheese Board in Under 10 Minutes

So you are having people over and need to put some food out. WHAT DO YOU DO?! Simple. You throw some cheese and crackers on a plate and call it a day. Or… You take 10 minutes and put together a beautifully crafted array of deliciousness.

That’s right, today is all about how to make a quick cheese board in under 10 minutes.

Last year, I shared a rather extravagant array of cheese boards, or charcuterie boards, as I like to call them. (pronounced “Shahr-ku-tuh-ree” comes from the French word for assembling cured meats). These days it also encompasses cheeses, fruits, and sauces. Today’s post is the summarized, “Spark Notes version”, of my original charcuterie board article.

In these simple steps, you’ll have yourself a lovely cheese board in no time at all.

Step 1: Gather ingredients

  • board/platter/plate
  • cheeses
  • meats
  • jams/honey/spreads
  • fruit (wash beforehand)
  • crackers/bread
  • nuts
  • serving utensils
  • if you like: garnishes like rosemary (totally optional)

Step 2: Prep items

  • Wash and dry fruit
  • Cut large blocks of cheese and fruit for easy handling

Step 3: Begin arrangement

  • Start by putting the largest items on board. Cheese, jars of sauce/jam/honey
  • Next start filling in the plate with items largest to smallest: meats, crackers, fruit
  • Fill in small areas with nuts

Step 4: Add utensils

  • Cheese knives
  • Knives to spread jam and honey
  • Garnish cheese with rosemary if you like

Just to make your life easier:

Here is a quick shopping Trader Joes list for your cheese board.

I placed the items in the order that they are when you walk into the grocery store to make life easier for you. Copy and paste this list into your notes on your phone!

  • rosemary (optional)
  • honey and jams: fig and apricot are amazing. May be seasonal FYI! (located where the peanut butter is)
  • fruit: pear, apple or both, grapes (the one with 3 colors is the best)
  • cured meats: prosciutto, peppered salami
  • cheeses: soft cheese (brie), blueberry vanilla goat cheese (trust me on this one), cheddar parmesan cheese, cream cheese
  • crackers: rosemary and fig crackers, cracker variety pack
  • nuts: candied pecans, nut mix variety, salt and pepper pistachios

That’s it! A simple and fast cheeseboard coming right up that will impress your guests because they’ll think you spent an hour on it.

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Cheese boards or platters, also make lovely hostess gifts. He or she can really use them for anything they like so the boards are quite versatile. Stores like Anthropologie have an amazing selection of platters and boards. I linked a few more below including this adorable pineapple serving board. 

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