What to Pack for Hawaii

What to Pack for Hawaii by Travel Blogger Laura Lily,

What to Pack for Hawaii

It has been only three weeks since I got back from visiting my sister in Kona and I already miss Hawaii! The sunshine, the birds chirping every morning, long walks with the dogs, the sudden rain and rainbows; It’s a place I will go back to every chance I get.

What to Pack for Hawaii by Travel Blogger Laura Lily,

This was my third trip to Kona so I have gotten a good grasp on what to pack. I even managed to make it through my ten-day trip with only a carry-on suitcase! That is pretty good considering I am known for over-packing. The trick was, to stick to the basics. Items I could wear multiple times, multiple ways, and knowing what weather conditions to dress for. Luckily, I was able to get everything I needed for my trip from Backcountry! I have even got a special 15% off discount code for you linked at the bottom of this post!

What to Pack for Hawaii by Travel Blogger Laura Lily,

What to Pack for Kona Weather…

I love the 70 to 80-degree weather in the springtime in Hawaii. It is just warm enough to go to the beach and enjoy yourself without overheating.

For the warmer, sunnier days I always had a hat handy to protect my face from the sun.  Sunglasses are also a definite must. I tend to freckle on my arms a lot during the summer so you will usually find me in a long-sleeve shirt. Ones that wick away moisture are the best. For days we went on long hikes, I usually wore something sleeveless like this adorable tie-dye top to help keep me cool.

It rarely gets cold in Hawaii,  but a light sweater is nice to have for those cooler evenings. Especially one as cute as this!

What to Pack for Hawaii by Travel Blogger Laura Lily,


It did rain a handful of times while I was there. It is just part of living on a tropical island. The rain is short and not too cold. A light rain shell like this will do. If you prefer something a bit heavier for the rainy season I suggest checking out Backcountry’s selection of rainjackets.

Sandals & Hiking Boots

For the day-to-day, I wore sandals. Particularly ones with good support and comfortable enough to spend all day in without getting any blisters. Hiking boots are great for those tougher trails. The big island of Hawaii is known for lots of volcanic rock so if you are planning to hike while you are on the island, I definitely recommend investing in a pair of good quality hiking boots for the rugged terrain.

What to Pack for Hawaii by Travel Blogger Laura Lily,


Obviously, it would not be a trip to Hawaii without a trip to the beach and a dip in the ocean. I packed two types of swimsuits for this trip. A standard bikini for our days on the beach. For our day on the boat, I knew I needed something that would help me avoid getting burned so I brought a long-sleeved paddle suit. I would highly recommend a suit with long sleeves.  The only thing that ended up getting burned after 6 hours on the boat was my legs due to lack of sunscreen.

What to Pack for Hawaii by Travel Blogger Laura Lily, Backcountry Dog Gear
Dog Gear

Another selection of items from Backcountry that I would like to mention is their vast selection of dog gear! If you recall from this post, I got Lady her first-ever hiking harness when she was just a wee puppy. My sister has two handsome dogs, Kai an Australian Shepard, and Moose, a German Weimaraner. I got them doggy raincoats for our walks in the rain.

As always, thank you for stopping by. Make sure to enter code ‘Laura15’ at Backcountry.com to get 15% off your code at checkout!




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