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So honored to be featured on @Luckymagazine #LuckyCommunity

Let’s see, this week we had Halloween, which is always exciting. I took home the “Coolest Costume” award and tied for 1st place at our annual work Halloween costume contest. My post from LA Fashion Week was featured on the Lucky Community website. That was such an honor!
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New post on the blog today!

The last part of my Halloween custom just arrived! Any guesses? #Halloween #costume #TruthorDare #heels #Madonna

My flapper inspired shoes for my costume finally made it to my doorstep the day before Halloween.

I love mini pumpkins. Perfect desk decor. #Halloween #pumpkin #decor

Mini pumpkins are my weak spot. So cute! This little guy keeps me company at my desk.

It is very rare that I am overwhelmed when I walk into a store but today was one of those days. @Forever21 I love you #jewelry #shopping #forever21 #necklaces #bracelets #santamonica

I rarely get overwhelmed when I walk into stores, but the Forever 21 on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica is so huge and full of beautiful things that I went a bit nuts in the jewelry department.

My picks at @Forever21 today #jewelry #forever21 #rhinestone #sparkle #jewels #vintageinspired #shopping

There's a new puppy in the house! #adorable #puppy #lab

There is a new puppy in the family! Nickname: Trouble Maker

I found trouble!! #newpuppy

Trouble Maker likes to sleep in the corner of the bathroom. Judging from the size of his paws compared to the rest of his body- he is going to be a big guy.

Tonight's #armcandy @HM and my newest addition to the Laura Lily Collection #lauralilyjewelry

Arm candy for my girls night out. Bracelets left to right- H&M & Laura Lily.

The start to a great night. Drinks with by best friend and a night out on the town in Los Angeles!!!

When in doubt of which beer to get at a beer garden, get the sample platter.

I love Thai food!!! Dinner with D tonight

Top 3 favorite types of food- Thai. Favorite Thai dish- cashew nut chicken- hands down.

Accessories for today's outfit @Forever21 @Asos #armcandy #metal

Today’s accessories. Outfit post to come next week!


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