What I Wore to Dior

Dior 1

When my sister and I received an invitation to the Dior Boutique opening on Rodeo Drive, I freaked a bit wondering what the heck I would wear. I own ONE pair of designer shoes (my beloved Valentinos) and I could borrow one of my mom’s Louis Vuitton purses, but I do not own anything Dior, at least not yet. But then I decided to stay true to my style and my blog’s niche, looking fabulous without spending a fortune. The trick? Dressing with confidence and walking around with your head held high. I walked into that boutique like I was meant to be there and had a fabulous time in my $30 Target dress.

Dior 5

Izzy and Ali Clutch

How did I do it? Simple, pairing luxe accessories with a sexy sheath dress which has a deep, rich color, perfect for accessorizing with gold. But you would never know how much I paid for it with how well it fits me and the quality of the fabric.  A slim gold belt showed off my waist line and my art deco clutch from Izzy and Ali added some dimension to the outfit.  My Valentino’s took their first steps on Rodeo Drive and loved every minute of it. The outfit still would have been complete with a beautiful nude pump. Like I have said before, it is the confidence you carry with you that makes your outfit truly shine.

Dior 7


Dior 3


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    1. Hey Candice,

      Yes I did! Last year, but they make a similar style every year. You can probably find one online or just look around next time you’re in Target.

      Happy Shopping!

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