Dior Boutique Opening

Dior Boutique with Kelly

When Kelly and I walked in the door of the new Dior Boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and there were champagne flutes waiting for us- the start to a great night. I tried a macaroon for the first time, they went so quickly I was left with pistachio. All I have to say is that it was interesting….


Dior Jewelry

We made our way back to the fine jewelry section of the boutique where Matt, the jewelry manager, let us try on his favorite piece, a flower ring from the Milly Carnivora collection made from 18K white gold, diamonds, spinels and laquer. Incredible detailing and that so  many diamonds. It makes you a little nervous just trying something on that expensive. Don’t make any quick movements to make the security think you are up to something!

Dior Boutique jewelry Display

A miniture model of Chrisitan Dior’s original Paris apartment made into a jewelry display.

Dior Boutique Art

The boutique was a collaboration among many of the world’s best architects, artists, and interior decorators. Everything from the store front full of haute couture pieces from this summer’s cruise collection to the wall paper was incredible. Just how I would like my walk in closet to be someday. But seriously, silver walls, art pieces, and designer gowns, I am in- where do I find a contractor?

Dior Boutique clothing

Dior Window

The haute couture pieces in the front were flown in by private jet might I add. And it is the first time in history that Dior cruise haute courture collection pieces have been in the United States.

Dior boutique chandelier

 The chandelier in the front room is incredible, difficult to get a good picture of with a mirrored ceiling, but I highly recomment looking up let alone visitng the boutique in person next time you are in Beverly Hills.

Dior Boutique 1

Dior Boutique- Kelly and Gregory

Gregory, manager of the Las Vegas Dior boutique, was kind enough to give us a tour of the VIP room upstairs, compelte with a private dressing room and a secret closet full of haute couture pieces! Did you know that in order to order a haute couture piece, you are required to have a minimum of 3 fittings?! Yes, three, to make sure the piece fits you perfectly. But what happens if you are bloated that day? #femaleproblems

Dior boutique Vip room

Dior Boutique Haute Couture Closet

The secret Haute Couture closet!

A little video tour of one of the rooms……

To get a full view and details of what I wore, visit yesterday’s post.

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