DIY Makeover on a Budget

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Many of us like to change our appearance as the season’s change. The great news is that there are numerous ways to give ourselves a mini makeover that doesn’t require completely overhauling our closet and filling it with completely new items. Here are a few different ways….

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Creat Your Own Signature Look

A signature look is what makes each of us unique. It should reflect your personality and make you feel confident. For example, do you consider yourself to be athletic and sporty with athleisure wear as your go-to look? Do you prefer being outside in nature and buy all your clothes at Backcountry? Perhaps you have a signature fragrance to go along with your look? When it comes to creating a signature look, we can find inspiration everywhere. I often get outfit inspiration from my Pinterest boards and save different looks according to the season or special occasion. My signature look for fall is generally a skirt, boots, a trench coat with a statement bag. And black, always something black.

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Repurposing Items 

Repurposing items we already have on hand is one of my favorite ways to create a quick makeover. Take items we have not worn in a while and create new looks out of them. For example, add features to a blazer that has been hanging in your closet. (DIY Feather Blazer tutorial here.) Add rhinestones to an otherwise plain belt. (DIY belt tutorial here.) If you are not into DIY projects, then come up with more than one way to wear your favorite pieces. See my example in the post Two ways to wear a pleated skirt. Coming up with new uses for clothing that you already own can be a lot of fun and an easy way to revamp your wardrobe. DIY projects involving second-hand clothing are a lot of fun, and there’s nothing more eco-friendly than giving old items a new home.

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Go Thrifting!

An eco-friendly and sustainable way to do a seasonal makeover is to go thrifting! Did you know that Americans alone generate 16 million tons of textile waste per year, accounting for slightly more than 6% of total municipal waste? And with all of the low-quality, fast-fashion fads going around, I would not be surprised if this number continues to grow. One way to combat this is go to thrifting! Some of my absolute favorite items have come from thrift stores including this vintage Bloomingdales blazer,a vintage Lavin wrap, and a St. John’s cardigan. If you are ever down in the South Bay, I have created a list of the best vintage stores in San Pedro!

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Take Advantage of Product Samples

Many organizations give away samples of their products during the holiday season in the hopes that we will buy more for everyone on our gift lists. Department stores and beauty sites like Sephora often give you sample choices you can try as well. You can use such giveaways to determine which products work best for you. For example, we could sign up for hair care product testing and assist organizations in determining how well their product works. Being a product tester is a win-win situation. You get to try out new shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in treatments in exchange for your honest feedback. Free samples are an inexpensive way to experiment with a new look.

With all of these options, you can have a seasonal makeover in a day. If you would like any more outfit inspiration, make sure to check out more of my outfit inspiration under the Style tab.

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