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This holiday season, give a gift that will never go out of style. An accessory to adorn her delicate wrist. An heirloom that can be passed down for generations. A piece that can be worn every day or solely for special occasions. This timeless gift is none other than a woman’s watch. A gift she can look down at her wrist and see every day. I have included a few of my favorite options below as well as how to select the best watch for her…

Decide How Much to Spend

Watches have a wide price variety starting with under $100 to in the tens of thousands of dollars. There are plenty of inexpensive watches that both look expensive and can last for decades. My mom’s Sieko watch has stood the test of time and lasted well over 20 years. It is a simple piece that she wears every day and just goes to show that if properly cared for, timepieces can last a very long time.

Choose a Color

Some women are more particular about the colors they choose to wear; particularly when it comes to jewelry. For example, maybe she prefers to wear only silver or only gold. Some other people like to mix and match their metals. My watch collection includes a variety of colors ranging from silver, black, blue, gold, mixed metals, and rose gold. Which, interestingly enough, is the watch I wear the most often.

Invest in Interchangeable Watch Bands

Let us say that you decide to get her a watch with interchangeable bands, like an iWatch or any of those other tech watches. A nice gift could be a gift box with two or more straps that allow her to pick on her own. Everyone can appreciate getting to select their own watch bands according to their mood.


If you are purchasing the watch from a store or online, it is usually sent in a box which makes it easier to wrap. Some department stores still offer gift wrapping services which make your life easier when it comes to wrapping all of the gifts you just purchased. I highly suggest utilizing this service if you don’t wish to wrap all the gifts yourself.

There you have it. Several options and tips for how to select a woman’s watch for her that she’ll wear for years and years to come. And each time she looks down, she’ll remember you. Thank you for stopping by and make sure to keep scrolling for more watch selections below…

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