The Best Date Night Ideas in Los Angeles

The Best Date Night Ideas in Los Angeles featured by popular Los Angeles lifestyle blogger Laura Lily
The Best Date Night Ideas in Los Angeles featured by popular Los Angeles lifestyle blogger Laura Lily
The Best Date Night Ideas in Los Angeles featured by popular Los Angeles lifestyle blogger Laura Lily

Whether you’ve been in a long-term relationship, or you’re just getting to know someone, it’s always fun to have a few fun date night ideas in Los Angeles up your sleeve. Something out of the ordinary from the usual dinner and drinks routine. While a few of these may change depending on where you live (some of these are specific to Los Angeles), most of them can happen where ever you live in the world.

So here are a few of my best date night ideas in Los Angeles:


You know me and my picnics; I can never get enough! They provide such a great atmosphere to enjoy the outdoors and spend some quality time getting to know one another.  I love a picnic at the beach at sunset, but a park will do just fine. You can put the fixings for a picnic together yourself (see my step by step picnic guide here and everything you’ll need for a charcuterie board here.) Or you can pick up take out, set up a blanket, pour some wine (I love this brand) and relax.  Picnics create a romantic setting and the perfect excuse to cuddle when the cool night air starts to roll in. I bought this picnic basket and this picnic blanket earlier this summer and I’ve used it so many times for a picnic with friends! They have a four-person version of my picnic basket if you plan to do a double date!

Wine tasting

Who doesn’t love a little wine tasting? I just discovered this place called The Red Room in Encino that has such a delicious charcuterie board and live music on the weekends! You can make your own with this awesome cheese board plate. Another one of my favorite spots to go wine tasting in Los Angeles is Malibu Wines. On the weekends they have live music and lots of people around. Just get there early to get a spot at one of the tables or try to pick a spot in the shade.

Malibu Wines Safari Tour

Also in Malibu…This adventure will really take you away from the ordinary. I wrote about my experience here and would definitely go back again on a date. It’s a safari tour with both exotic and farm animals. The tour stops at about 3 different spots for photos and wine tasting. Great day trip with friends, too. Afterwards, you can head over to Malibu Wines.


Get away to a hotel for a night or two to relax and unwind. I recently wrote about my stay at the Westlake Village Inn. It was so relaxing and I honestly felt like I had left Los Angeles and gone to Tuscany! It is definitely a great spot for couples.

Mini Golf

I always like to bet something when I play games like mini golf. Either a back massage or the next person to buy dinner.   It’s an adventure and great for a weekday to avoid all the high school kids on awkward dates.

Go Dancing

If you and your partner love to dance, I recommend a Cuban inspired salsa/burlesque bar called La Descarga in Hollywood off Western Avenue. Around 10 pm, this place transforms from a speakeasy bar to a lively salsa club. Every hour on the hour, the live band strikes up and a burlesque dancer performs. Depending on the night, you may or may not have enough room to actually dance. (Fridays and Saturdays can get a bit crowded after 11 pm. Just make sure to RSVP so that you and your date are not stuck waiting outside.

Trying a New Restaurant

I am always down to try new foods or introduce my date to foods that I grew up with, but that they may not be accustomed to. For example, I love Persian food. There is an amazing place near me called Dizin. A young woman owns it and I’ve seen her mother in the kitchen cooking so the food reminds me of my grandmothers. If you won’t mind being in charge of cooking your own food, Korean BBQ and a Japanese chain called Gayu Kaku are always fun options for single, double dates, or even large groups.

Make Your Own Pizza or Sushi

Anything that involves the two of you cooking together in the kitchen is intimate and fun. Plus, you can show off your cooking skills! Or laugh about your lack thereof. If you’re lazy or ensure you can buy premade pizza dough. But it’s much more fun to make it from scratch! I’ve also been wanting to do a make your own sushi night! Cost Plus World Market has almost everything you need for a sushi night.

Cooking Class

When you have a teacher in the room, the pressure is off to know exactly what you’re doing. Look up a few cooking classes in your area and make a date night out of it! You’ll have fun pushing your limits and learning something new!

Romantic Walks

A romantic walk can take place just around the block, or along a park pathway. It’s a great way to get to talk about so many things, hold hands, and enjoy the evening air.

Road Trip

I realize this one takes a bit more planning and a bit of commitment on both sides. I’ve mapped out a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway to Northern California to visit Monterey, Carmel, and Big Sur. I’ve made it as far as the Hearst Castle before and it was so beautiful!! I’ll make sure to create a travel guide for you all once I finally go!


Because everyone loves Disneyland.  Both Halloween and Christmas are fun times to go with all of the holiday decorations.  A day there always makes me feel like a kid. I definitely want to have dinner at the Blue Bayou when I go. It’s the restaurant inside of the Pirates of the Carribean ride!! It seems uber romantic and has been on my Disneyland bucket list for years.

My best advice for date night ideas in Los Angeles, just say yes. Unless it is something you’re really not comfortable doing, then obviously say no. But other than that, go in open-minded and just enjoy getting to know your date or dating your significant other.



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