The Best Date Night Outfits

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The Best Date Night Outfits

It’s Friday which means it’s time to pull out all the stops for date night. Lately, I have been feeling like I don’t have enough go-to date night dresses. If you saw my Instagram stories last week, @Laura_Lily, you would have seen clothes everywhere trying to find an outfit.

I’ve been scouring the web lately to expand my options and breath new life into my dating wardrobe. I’ve rounded up a few favorites for you all. While I was gathering my favorite pieces (which you can click and shop any photo by the way) I thought of some date night look tips all girls should know for the perfect date night look:

1. Less is more.

And I don’t mean less clothes = more skin = better. Let’s keep it classy people. I mean you can leave your stack of arm candy and 10 layers of clothing at home. Stick to a simple outfit. For example, a slip dress, moto jacket, and booties with delicate jewelry.  This look is two things: sexy and cool.

2. Show off your best assets.

We all have things we like and dislike about our bodies. I love my shoulders, legs, and cleavage. I am not as crazy about skin-tight dresses around my stomach. (Need to have some room for the food baby.) With that said, I tend to go for outfits that show off the features I like such as this stunning red dress. When you wear something you feel good in, your confidence immediately shines through. Confidence is THE sexiest accessory there is.

3. Perfume.

Having a signature scent is fun. Just don’t suffocate your date with it. I spray once on my neck and one on my wrists. My favorite scent lately has been Beyoncé Heat. Here’s the description and I could not describe it better myself:

Beyoncé Heat is a captivating fragrance that unleashes a spirited fire within. It is a unique expression of a woman’s powerful sensuality: sexy, elegant yet feminine with an air of mystery, this fragrance reflects a self-assured woman, who is not afraid to desire and to be desired.

And if that doesn’t convince you, just think of this: Who doesn’t want to smell like Beyoncé?

4. Walk the walk.

For the love of all women everywhere, please only wear heels you can actually walk in. Yes, those 4 inch stilettos make your legs look a mile long. But if you can’t walk from the car to the restaurant in them you’ll look like an idiot. You want to be able to strut your stuff so it is a good idea to wear shoes you have already broken in and know you can last at least a few hours in.

So there you have it, my recommendations and tips for awesome date night outfits. Have fun, good luck and rock that look girl!


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