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New Puppy Essentials- Everything you need for your new best friend

When I first found out I was getting a puppy for my birthday I immediately started searching what the best products for new puppies were. The day to bring her home came quicker then I thought and I relied on Amazon Prime to get everything in time without having to go to the store. Here are the items that were recommended, which ones I use the most and a few I found that I absolutely love!

A Crate: A crate is a must for a new puppy because you do not want them roaming freely around your house before they are house-broken, getting into trouble, and chewing things they shouldn’t.

The size of the crate to get depends on the size of the dog. Since Lady is small (for now) I got her the small 30-inch crate from Petco. (Her 36-inch crate was going to arrive a few days after she did and I knew I needed one.) I read that having a crate that is too big can leave them room to go potty on one side and it feels cozier when it’s not too big for them.

Don’t forget a pad to put into the crate. I bought another small dog bed from Home Goods. One I know she’ll eventually grow out of but for now it is fine. That fits cozy inside the crate.

Snuggle Puppy

This was another highly recommended item for new puppies. The Snuggle Puppy is supposed to mimic being with another dog, possibly their mom or littermates that they have just said good-bye to. The dog comes with a touch to insert a heat pack that lasts for 24 hours and a ticking heart to mimic a heartbeat if you so desire to use it.

I got the Snuggle Puppy Starter Pack that comes with extra heat pads, and a few teething toys and a doggy blanket. Lady was really good the first two nights so I didn’t see the need to annoy anyone with the beating heart since you can slightly hear it.

A Leash

Not that a puppy knows how to walk on a leash, but it’s always important to have with a dog. It gives you a bit of control if they decide to take off running.

A Small Collar and Bell

Lady was smaller than I had anticipated her being so I was glad I had bought a small and x-small collar. We call her ninja puppy because her little paws can be so quiet that we lose her. So I put a little bell on her collar to help keep track of her.


I am not necessarily training Lady to go potty on the pee pads. I want her to go outside. But in the event that she does need to go, and I can’t take her out in time (puppies go all throughout the day, no schedule) I’ll try and train her to go on the puppy pads. Plus, they are handy to have with you. The other day while running errands I couldn’t find a place for Lady to pee without taking a chance of her coming in contact with germs from other dogs, so I laid out a pee pad in the back of the car she used it, I rolled it up, tossed it out and away we went.

Portable Water Bottle for Dogs

This has been such an amazing purchase. There are different variations of this. I got Lady a portable water bottle that has a rubber cap that folds out and I can squirt water into it for her to drink while we are on the go.


Lady’s favorite toy of day 3 in the house: a tennis ball. Other than that, I got her a few puppy toys with squeakers ( you have to be careful with these so the dog doesn’t get to the squeaker and swallow it) and any toys that have a crinkle sound. This was a great new puppy toy starter pack.

Dog Crate

I am not sure how much we’ll use this dog carrier, but I do find it funny. My mom read reviews online and found this to be the best one. As I mentioned before, puppies cant freely roam until they have had all of their shots so mu options are to either carry her in my arms or try something like this.

Carpet Stain Remover

Because with puppies there are bound to messes inside. I am very diligent about taking Lady out to the yard to do her business after she’s slept, ate, or drank anything, but sometimes I just don’t get there quick enough. So I have this Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator on hand for any mishaps. I


Last, but certainly not least, dog treats. I got these easy chew puppy treats to begin Lady’s puppy training and she loves them! She can smell them the moment I take one out of the bag and runs over. The only issue is, they are quite chewy and often get stuck to the roof of her mouth. I’ll wait to see if this problem persists. If so, I’ll switch treats and let you know.

Any other must-have puppy products you think I should add to the list? Please let me know in the comments below! Read about how I got Lady in my last post here.


Laura & Lady

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