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New Puppy Essentials- Everything you need for your new puppy and adult dog

When I first found out I was getting a puppy for my birthday I immediately started searching what the best products for new puppies were. The day to bring her home came quicker than I thought and I relied on Amazon to get everything in time without having to go to the store. I have had Lady for almost three years now and compiled a list of new puppy essentials and the most useful products one should have as a dog owner. Many of these items were recommended by her dog trainer including these non-toxic dog balls and the best dog grooming brush.

A Crate and a Gate

A dog crate is a must for a new puppy because you do not want them roaming freely around your house before they are housebroken, getting into trouble, and chewing things they shouldn’t. As Lady got older, we upgraded her to this large dog kennel and did some crate-training for her to be able to sleep comfortably in it overnight and while we were gone during the day.  I read that having a crate that is too big for your puppy can leave them room to go potty on one side and it feels cozier when it’s not too big for them. A dog gate is also essential to keeping your dog safe and confined to safe areas of the home. We use ours on a weekly basis even with an adult dog. Here is a more modern and aesthetically pleasing dog gate.

Don’t forget a soft crate pad or small dog bed into the crate. When Lady got bigger I bought her this large orthopedic washable dog bed and she absolutely loves it. We wash the dog bed cover about once a month and she sleeps in it every night.

Snuggle Puppy: A Puppy’s First Toy

This has been Lady’s absolute favorite toy since the day she came home and the only toy she has not torn to pieces. The Snuggle Puppy is a highly recommended item for new puppies. It is supposed to mimic another dog, possibly the mom or littermates, so your new puppy feels less alone. The Snuggle Puppy comes with a pouch to insert a heat pack that lasts for 24 hours and a ticking heart to mimic a heartbeat if you so desire to use it.  I got the Snuggle Puppy Starter Pack that comes with extra heat pads, a few teething toys, and a doggy blanket. Lady was really good the first two nights so I didn’t see the need to annoy anyone with the beating heart since you can slightly hear it.

A Leash + Collars

Not that a puppy knows how to walk on a leash, but it’s always important to have it with a dog. It gives you a bit of control if they decide to take off running. I don’t recommend retractable leashes because it doesn’t train your dog to stay near you and can get easily tangled. If you need a longer leash for your ward this one is great and lasts through the elements.

Puppies also outgrow their collars very quickly so I have included a few different size options to order.  Lady was smaller than I had anticipated when I brought her home so I was glad I had bought a small and x-small collar. We called her ninja puppy because her little paws would be so quiet that we lose her. So I put a little bell on her collar to help keep track of her. We did use this puppy carrier a few times before she grew out of is to take her on walks outside before she had all her shots. At least we got some very cute photos of her in it.

Car Safety and Protection for Dogs

Much like you would put a seatbelt on a child, it is important to put a seatbelt-like dog harness on your dog. I had the misfortune of experiencing Lady falling out of the car once while going 30 miles an hour because she was wearing a dog harness, but it was not properly bucked in. Thankfully her injuries were minor. But I beg anyone with an animal to please put their safety in mind and buckle them in, too. I did my research and this is one of the best dog harnesses on the market. Just make sure to purchase the car seat belt for the harness as well since the two items are sold separately.


I did not necessarily train Lady to go potty on pee pads because I wanted her to go outside. As she got older, if I laid them out in the house while we were gone she would just chew them to shreds. However, pee pads are handy to have with you. When Lady was a puppy and I was running errands, I couldn’t find a place for Lady to pee without taking a chance of her coming in contact with germs from other dogs (before her shots were complete), so I laid out a pee pad in the back of the car she used it, I rolled it up, tossed it out and away we went.

Carpet Stain Remover

Puppies are bound to have accidents. I took Lady out every few hours and every 30 minutes after she ate or drank anything and she still had unexpected accidents. This Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator will be one of your most used products when they are young and even if they have an upset tummy as an adult dog and can’t make it outside in time.

As for doggie bags, I bought this bulk order of dog poop bags and 3 years later with Lady able to go in our backyard, have still not used all these doggy bags up!


As someone with a long-haired dog that sheds a lot, I have likely tried every brush on the market. The Furminator is the best dog grooming brush.

The trick is to brush a little each day like you would your own hair, or at least as often as you can, to avoid your dog getting dreadlocks. This detangling spray along with this dog grooming kit a life-saver for Lady’s long.

We usually groom and bathe Lady ourselves at home. I have been using this probiotic dog shampoo on her since she was a puppy. After a bath, I always make sure to use these dog ear wipes to help avoid ear infections. We also have a pet hair and dander-specific air purifier for our home to help trap dog hair for cleaner air.

Portable Water Bottle for Dogs

This portable water bottle has been such an amazing purchase. This portable dog water bowl is also a best-seller on Amazon.

Best Dog Toys

Lady’s favorite toy as an adult dog is this Kong Teddy Bear. It is a more sturdy built chew toy than many others on the market. Just be careful and take away the squeaker as soon as they get to it so they don’t choke on it. She also loves this super durable tug-o-war toy which has lasted through the elements and lives outside and this hide-treat-ball. When she was a puppy, she loved the smaller chew toys from this new puppy toy starter pack.

Chew Toys

Now that Lady is older, her favorite chew toy is a whole elk antler. I give it to her for 30 minutes to one hour at a time to avoid her gums getting raw from long periods of chewing. Just make sure to take it away when you are not home or when it gets too small to avoid a choking hazard.

Food + Treats

Last, but certainly not least, dog food and treat. I have been feeding Lady The Farmer’s Dog since I weened her off her puppy kibble from the breeder. (make sure to slowly introduce dogs to a new food as their stomachs are very sensitive.) I wanted her to eat fresh, human-grade food to help give her a long and healthy life. I also attribute her gorgeous coat, good temperament, high energy, and overall good health to her healthy dog food. You can get your first box of The Farmer’s Dog for free with this link here

As far as her dog treats, there are a number of human food items you can give your dog. Just test them out and see if they sit well with your dog. Lady will play with strawberries, and devour anything with peanut butter but too much gives her the runs. I also buy the cleanest dog kibble treats I can find at the store (whatever is on  sale when I go.)


And just like I take a vitamin, Lady takes her doggy vitamins. Here are a few recommended brands I have researched and give to Lady:

I have saved all of these items to my Pet Supplies Shopping Page and my Amazon Store Front. If there are any other must-have puppy products you think I should add to the list, please let me know in the comments below! You can read about how I got Lady in my last post here.


Laura & Lady

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