Meet Our New Puppy!

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Meet My New Puppy!

It has been a long-standing dream of mine to have a dog again. I grew up with dogs. BIG dogs. Golden Retrievers, Husky, German Shepards, and a Rottweiler/German mix named Sam. This blog is named after my last Golden, Lily. Golden’s have always been my favorite breed. Their playful temperament, intelligence, curiosity, and beautiful golden coats always make me smile. When I lived in my condo, I dreamt of having a dog. But knowing they need space to run and play, I did not want to keep them cooped up and decided to wait until I had a yard again.

Dogs are on my mind…

Once I bought my house and got situated, I started thinking about having a Golden Retriever puppy more and more. Two days before my 32nd birthday, I got to see a glimpse of a soon-to-be my puppy!  I was finally going to have a dog again. I drove out to Victorville the next day to go see her. I met her mom and dad, both beautiful (and big!) The little puppy licked my face and my heart was hers.

The day we brought her home. My smile was as big as they come.

Bringing her home…

I counted down the days until I got to pick her up and take her home. When that day came, I held her all the way home. I let her loose in the yard and she went crazy! She was running around in the grass and was quickly comfortable in her new home. My mom said it looked as though I had had a puppy shower because the house had exploded with puppy things everywhere. I like to be prepared and shopping for dog supplies was quite fun! I shared a blog post on everything you need for a new puppy here. My favorite products and ones I could do without.

Get ready for lots of puppy content here and on my Instagram!

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