Inside the world of Laura Lily

Fall/ winter wardrobe

I love seeing inside other peoples’ closets because it is a glimpse inside their personality and imagination. Dreaming of the day that I have a gigantic walk in closet where every cherished item is easily accessible and on display. But until that day, I am lucky to have extra room to say the very least.

I tend to be incredibly organized when it comes to my wardrobe. First, the organization begins according to the season. Right now it is still in fall/winter mode with a few available items for the random warm day. Spring/summer items are in storage for now. Next sweaters, jackets, dresses, & skirts all grouped accordingly. Tops are in order of sleeve length. This helps make the closet look neat as well as avoiding something getting lost on the rack. Jackets are in line by color, lightest to darkest to help avoid forgetting I have yet another black jacket in a different style. Being organized definitely helps when you’re short on time to get ready.

Jackets, jeans, more dresses and skirts; purses are stored up top and bins of nylons and belts below.

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