The Green necklace

Sweater Express, top Target, necklace Forever 21, skirt Express, tights Fogal, shoes Payless
Ready if it decides to rain. Trench coat: Express, bag: Modalu


A close up of this fabulous statement piece!

Today’s outfit was inspired by the Fogal tights I received as a gift and wanted to try them out. Must say, they live up to their luxury status. Wanted to add a pop of color with my otherwise very black outfit so I wore my favorite statement necklace, a lovely find at Forever 21. Felt like no nonsense hair so I took the time to straighten it- time consuming for someone with naturally wavy hair.

People often wonder why I put so much effort into what I am wearing. I say, who knows who you are going to run into and doesn’t everyone like to feel fabulous on a random Thursday?!

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