1950’s Photo Shoot


Remember that time I joked about becoming a professional stylist? Well, it came true a lot sooner than I expected. My sister Kelly got asked by a photographer we met at the OC Fashion Showcase last weekend to do a 1950’s style shoot and I got brought on to be her stylist! Pretty exciting! Luckily high waists, polka dots and bright colors are in this season so there were plenty of options to choose from. I only had to stop at H&M, Macy’s, Express and Target to find everything for the shoot.

I am really curious to see which options make the cut. My personal favorite is this cherry top and high waisted capri pants from H&M. The shoot is 9pm-2am tonight at a 1950’s themed diner here in LA so wish me luck as I will be depending on caffeine and 5 hour energy to get me through the next 24 hours .

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