What to Wear to NYFW

What to Wear to NYFW, NYC Streetstyle, Laura Lily, Fashion blogger Like so many of you, this September will be my first New York Fashion Week! Am I excited? Of course! Am I terrified? Absolutely! This will be my second time in NYC, and although I currently live in a huge urban city (Los Angeles) NYC is a completely different playground. But I see this trip as an adventure to explore the unknown. I am going to try my hardest to fit in and not to look like a newbie. But mishaps are inevitable with me so I am just going to take them with a smile on my face.

Now my biggest question to you all is this, What do we wear?! The trends that are hot right now, or the up and coming trends with the newest items in store? For a fashionista on a budget, make creative outfits with what you already own.  There is no need to go out and buy an entirely new, expensive wardrobe just because you are going to the Big Apple. Fake it til you make it honey!

I plan to wear items that make me feel the most confident and that show off my unique sense of style.  Obviously I have had ideas circulating around my fashion obsessed brain since this spring when I first planned to make the trek to the other side of the country. But everything has been in full force since I bought my plane ticket last month. My suitcase is mentally packed. I only wish I had more time there to wear more outfits!

But it all comes down to wearing what you feel the best in. Yes, 5 inch heels do wonders to your legs, but no one wants to face plant on the steps of Lincoln Center for the sake of the shoe. Or maybe you do. There will be plenty of people taking health risks for fashionm, it is just what fashionistas do. Just remember one thing, have fun! You are at the largest fashion event of the year! Soak it all in and enjoy yourself.

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Laura Lily

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  1. Dressing for Fashion Week is always exciting and terrifying! I’m always scared of falling in my heels, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take! Can’t wait to see which looks you’ll be rocking!

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