Remember the dream shoes I was lusting after for weeks? (From this post here.) Well, I am thrilled to announce that they are here! My very first pair of Valentino shoes!! I have been tracking them online and in stores for months.  Although I am a budget shopper, I believe that if you really want something and if you are willing to make sacrifices to get it, then go for it. I gave up a lot of other shopping trips to get these beauties and I am going to wear them every chance I get- starting with New York Fashion Week in September! Is there anything you are lusting after and dream of the day when it is your own?


In love with the look but not the price? Luckily studs are hot this season. Here is a similar shoe for a lot less, a lovely $89, at Zara.

Zara Shoe

Cannot wait to feature my Valentino Rockstud Sling-back heels in a post for you all!


  1. Yes! I’ve been waiting to see these puppies on you for a while now! LOOOOOVE! Blogger dare! By the end of the year I’d like to see you rock them in at least three different outfits! I know you can do it!

  2. so i definitely have been dreaming of these shoes for.e.ver. well today my friend, i ordered them. one single pair left in waiting online and i just took the plunge. as a result, i’m thinking of all the things in my closet that i’m about to try and sale on the blog and/or ebay. they are just so amazing!

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