What to Pack for New York Fashion Week


It is FINALLY that time of year again. New York Fashion Week is here! This means time to get packing! You may recall my “How to pack for NYFW” post last year. Well now I’ve got a few more suggestions to add to the list. I’ll be leaving tonight for the east coast vacationing in Connecticut and New Jersey before I get to NYC so I really have to be organized. Here are the tips:

Plan your outfits out AHEAD of TIME. Don’t think you are going to show up in NYC and your outfits will magically come together. Unless you are packing a genie in your suitcase, trying to get ready on a limited time schedule is stressful and never comes out as well as when you plan a head of time. This way you make sure to have the proper under garments, lipstick color, sunglasses, hand bag and heels. I plan my outfits a week ahead of time with all accessories. You can see some outfit ideas next week on the blog.

Packing for NYFW

These three pairs of heels are all I need for four days of runway shows, meetings, lunches, and parties. Right to left: Calvin Klein, Zara, and Valentino. 

Mini Survival Pack: No matter where I go, I will always have my mini survival pack in my bag which contains: phone charger, extra camera battery and SD card, a small map in case my phone dies, chapstick, compact mirror with powder, pony binder, safety pins, tissue and whatever else you just cannot live without. A snack?


I try to pack versatile jewelry pieces that can be interchanged each day. To keep all of my jewelry from getting scratched or broken, I keep it in a jewelry roll or individual cloth bags.

Packing for NYFW

Business cards: I can not stress enough how important business cards are. Bring HUNDREDS. Literally, there is nothing worse than meeting a great business contact and not having a business card to give them. In my opinion, this is unprofessional and unprepared. Tip:always ask for their business card as well in case they lose yours. This way you can follow-up with them.

A peek inside my suitcase for fashion week. I roll some of my clothes to make them easier to see and help avoid wrinkles. Keep liquids in plastic bags incase they break or spill open.   Packing for NYFW

Airlines tell you this time and time again because it is true: Keep all your valuables in your carry on! For me this includes all my documentation: ID, money, camera, laptop, chargers, prescriptions, priceless jewelry and shoes. I also usually carry my passport in case something happens to my driver’s license.

Good luck packing. Email me if you have any questions and make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook through my time at New York Fashion Week!

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