Reflecting on 2022: Things I Have Learned and How I am Going to Make 2023 The Best Year Yet

Reflecting on 2022: Things I Have Learned,  and How I am Going to Make 2023 The Best Year Yet by Lifestyle Blogger Laura Lily,

Reflecting on 2022: Things I Have Learned and How I am Going to Make 2023 The Best Year Yet

Where to begin… 2022 was full of surprises, lessons learned and so much growth. Every setback pushed me further, and every happy memory has banked in my mind forever. As the last days of 2022 count down, my mind is still processing everything that happened this year and how I can use that information to propel me further in the year. So let’s start with what I learned this year…

Put Yourself First.

Does it sound selfish? Perhaps. Do I care? No. I realized this year that putting everyone and everything before my wants and needs was making me terribly unhappy and left me feeling drained. In order to give, your own cup must have something in it. I stepped back from situations where I thought I was needed and delegated that task to someone else. For example, instead of me being the one to make a healthy dinner every night we were home, I delegated to my boyfriend every other night of the week. I then took that time to unwind from work, take a hot bath, read a book, and journal.

Giving yourself time to recharge can be life-changing. 

Don’t Feel Forced to Continue on a Path that Isn’t Serving You.

I spent the better part of 2022 pursuing a career as a Real Estate Agent and letting my influencer business fall by the wayside. Something I had worked over 10 years to build and thought I was ready to let go.  I was having to force myself to sit down, make the cold calls, go to the open houses, and begrudgingly make it to the office for weekly meetings. In the end, I realized my heart wasn’t in the world of real estate for anything other than my own investments. I will absolutely be keeping my California real estate license, keeping up on current trends, and more than happy to work with anyone who wants my help. Here are a few tips for buying your first home.

Have a safety net and Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

After I left my real estate career, I went on as though I had the same income coming in as before. That left me watching my bank account drain to the point of having to ask for help. I did. It was not a proud moment for me. I have been independent since college, but the stress I was feeling from the lack of financial security was disrupting all other parts of my life. Reaching out and having that prayer answered encouraged me to keep going. Knowing that I have people that believe in me, and what I am working to create help keeps me going. But even if others doubt the path, remember this… all you need is a belief in yourself. Keep going.

Set Goals and look At them Often

I found that whenever I would get discouraged, I would look up at this vision board I had made for myself, and it would remind me of the big picture I was working towards. A house in South Carolina, financial freedom, and trips to Europe. Then I would look at the weekly goals I had set for myself. Attainable, easy-to-complete goals that would help me get closer to my bigger goals and work on those. Things like cutting back on miscellaneous spending, pitching 3 brands every day, and moving my body.

Take Risks

Picking up the pieces of Laura Lily after not being very active for the better part of a year has taught me that sometimes you have to take risks. Sure I could have taken the easy route and gotten a W2 9-5 job. But I know myself and that my heart would not be in it. I worked hard to build this company from the ground up since 2012 and there is no way I am letting it go no. I have a whole new appreciation for what it means to be self-employed. The discipline and dedication that comes with working for yourself and the freedom that comes with that.  I love what I do. I have my dream job. And it may be a bit of an uphill walk to get back to the top.

If your heart is in it, take the risk.

Learn to be more Mindful

Mindfulness, I have learned, is not something we can just switchon and off. It takes practice. Back in 2020 I wrote an article on 5 ways to practice mindfulness. Two years later I am still working on it, and have nowhere near mastered it. I hear medication can help and plan to add it to my morning routine asap.

As always, thank you for stopping by. Your readership means the world to me. Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season and looking forward to another year together!


Laura Lily


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