How to Select the Best Travel Outfits

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How to Select the Best Travel Outfits

Traveling is my absolute favorite hobby. With 25 states, 15 countries, and 5 continents under my travel belt, I know a thing or two about how to select the best travel outfits. (You can read all of my travel guides here.) If you are like me, planning outfits for a vacation or a business trip is a mixture of exciting and annoying.  Ultimately, you want to look good, dress for all of the activities while still being practical. Of course, we all wish we could take our entire wardrobes with us when we travel, but since that is rarely (if ever) an option,  I’ve come up with a few ways to pack accordingly…

Dress for the Commute

I have a particular outfit that I always wear to the airport. It helps take the stress out of getting ready when I have a flight to catch and luggage to toe. It includes sneakers, stretchy skinny jeans, a loose t-shirt, and a comfortable trench that can double as a blanket or pillow on a chilly plane ride.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good when you’re traveling, but opting for style over comfort could backfire. I always wonder how those women in high-heels feel halfway through their airport travels. Regretting their decision? I’ve had to run to my flight one too many times to ever risk wearing anything but sneakers while flying. Ditch the heels and fancy pieces and opt for fashion-forward flats or sneakers and supportive bras

Always Check the Weather

Always, always ALWAYS check the weather! Weather is a significant factor in determining what to wear during your travels. You might assume your trip to Palm Beach, Florida is going to be all sunshine and bikinis. However, I can speak from personal experience that that may not always be the case. I had to go buy a jacket while I was there because the temperatures were much cooler than I anticipated.  Dressing in layers is always a safe option. That way, you’re prepared for the weather where you are and can easily add or remove layers when you get to your destination.  

Be Prepared For Emergencies

I cannot tell you the number of times I have been stuck in a torrential downpour and wished more than anything that I had packed the appropriate wet weather gear. Check the weather, but even if it says sunny skies and minimal clouds, if there is any mention of a “rainy season” the time you are going, do yourself a favor and pack a rain jacket, umbrella, poncho, and bags to put wet clothes into.

Consider Fabrics

When selecting a travel outfit, it’s best to choose comfortable, breathable fabrics for a more enjoyable experience. A lot of sportswear companies like make moisture-wicking or insulated clothing to make travel more comfortable. I highly recommend these types of fabrics!!

Factor fabric types into your travel outfit. I like to pack fabrics that do not wrinkle easily because if they do, that requires bringing a steamer along which takes up valuable space in my luggage! And as cute as that strapless bra may be, I know in a few hours I will be dying to breathe and end up going without one altogether. On my first few trips to New York Fashion Week I thought I could get away with high-heeled boots, thin jackets and just one pair of tights (perfect example here.) I can still remember how cold I was trying to stand outside the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tents for photographers to take pictures and all the while not being able to feel my toes in these photos! 

Tone Down the Flashy Accessories

Wearing a ton of jewelry or designer gear can attract the wrong attention. When you are traveling, you could come across someone that views your nice watch, jewelry or handbag, as a sign that you have money or valuable belongings. Ultimately it could result in your things being stolen. Leave the expensive items at home in a safe and travel with items you would not be as bothered to lose. If you want to accessorize, have fun with your iPhone 14 Pro Max Case.

You may not have given much thought to your commuting or travel outfit in the past, but as you can read here, it pays to pack with purpose. What you wear not only affects how you look and feel, but it can have an impact on your experience. As you’re traveling to your destination, you should be calm and relaxed, ready to enjoy your vacation.  I will be the first to tell you that you don’t have to completely compromise your fashion sense, for comfort!

As always, thank you for stopping by! I aim to always include tips on what to wear and pack in my travel guides so make sure to check them out! 



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