5 Reasons Why Road Trips Are The Best Summer Getaways

5 Reasons Why Road Trips Are The Best Summer Getaways

5 Reasons Why Road Trips Are The Best Summer Getaways

Aaron and I have gotten to take so many amazing road trips this summer. From Los Angeles to San Diego, to Solvang, and all the way up to Paso Robles, there is something special about seeing the views from a car window. Don’t get me wrong, I love to fly and do every chance I get. However, there are many reasons why road trips are another great getaway option. Let’s look at some of the reasons that jumping in your car and taking a road trip makes for the best type of summer vacation…

1. Your Options Are Endless

By taking a road trip, your itinerary does not revolve around flight or train schedules and therefore gives you many more opportunities for places to see. Just his past weekend Aaron and I were able to visit Buellton, Los Olivos, and Santa Barbara on our way home from Paso. Being in a car means your schedule can be as flexible as you like it to be. Plus. Cars make it easy to cross state lines or a country’s borders and see so much more than you could if flying to one specific destination or on a cruise ship. Choosing to go on a road trip allows you to see many more sights, explore new cultures and enjoy more food than if you have just one set destination. 

2. Overpacking Is Not an Issue

When taking a road trip, you’re not limited by your luggage size! I find I usually get to pack more outfit options, hats, and most importantly, snacks when driving. I remember in Roundtop Texas in May, (antique shopping capital of the world) I wished I was driving home instead of flying so that I could have visited all those amazing stores and brought more home. Maybe you have a new turntable at home and find some fantastic vintage records in one location – a lot easier to bring home in a car than on a plane.  Road trips open up the opportunity for you to treat yourself to more shopping on vacation. 

3. A More Intimate Group Setting

Sure, any trip with friends and loved ones is a time to make memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, but there’s something more intimate about traveling by car with those people than taking a plane. Road trips provide you with the opportunity for sing-a-longs, intimate conversations, and more. If you’re traveling with young children, they give you the opportunity for teachable moments in patience, and car games can be educational. It’s a good idea to have some playlists or podcasts downloaded for your trip for these reasons. Traveling lends itself to so many new experiences which form memories.

4. An Opportunity to Experience the Great Outdoors

Road trips allow you to get outside more immerse yourself in the lands you’re traveling. If you’re into hiking, history, or anything else that keeps you outdoors often, road trips allow you to indulge these interests along the way. Stop and see a historical site that interests you like we did on out trip up the coast to see the Hearst Castle. If you are driving and see a scenic overlook, pull over and take a selfie. Being able to explore lands that are right in your state’s backyard is a massive perk of traveling by car for your vacation which is why I love driving up the California coast.

5. Roadtrip on a Budget

Traveling can be expensive. Another great thing about road trips is that they are more easily done on a budget.  If you’re a budget-oriented person and looking to get out of town, opt to drive instead of spending several hundred dollars on plane tickets. Plus, if you take a road trip with a group and split the gas and snacks you can save even more money. 

I am already looking forward to our next trip to Paso Robles. I would like to add Monterey and Carmel to the itinerary.

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