Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard- Zara

Can you guess why I have a huge smile on my face in the photo above? It is because Zara is right in front of me.  Sunday I went to Hollywood to see a film for work. Red Lights- if you like paranormal thrillers you may like this one. It was my first time in the Mann Chinease theaters- pretty cool.  They have a hallway of photos from stars receiving their star on the walk of fame. I love old school Hollywood.

Hollywood Boulevard- Hallway of stars

Hollywood Boulevard

Me playing the part of a tourist.


The famous Mann Chinese Theater.

Hollywood Boulevard- Monkeys!

Hollywood Boulevard- Pandas!

How adorable are these!? I am such a sucker for carmeled apples but I don’t know if I could eat the faces of these little animals.

Hollywood Boulevard- Hello Kitty!


I got to peak into H&M where of course I found something to buy. I will post an outfit wearing my new neon skirt soon!

Hollywood Boulevard- Downtown Dogs

These “downtown dogs” always smell so good! If you don’t mind eating from a street vendor, then I suggest you try one next time you come to LA.

Hollywood Boulevard

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