From Venue to Vows: A Summer Wedding Planning Checklist for 2024

From Venue to Vows: A Summer Wedding Planning Checklist for 2024


Congratulations on your engagement! The period between the engagement and wedding will be a whirlwind of excitement, planning, anticipation, and preparation.

Summer’s around the corner, and if you’re getting hitched this season, there’s little time and probably much to be done. A checklist will make your journey easier as you transition from the joy of the engagement celebrations to serious detailed wedding planning. Here’s a checklist you can use:

Setting a Budget and Creating a Guest List

The budget and guest list will influence all the other big and small decisions. A contingency fund can help in case of unexpected expenses.

Picking the Date, Venue, Theme and Formality Level

All of these go hand-in-hand. Your chosen date will influence the venue choices available or your chosen venue may only be available on certain dates. Some venues are more suited for certain themes and formality levels and vice versa. If you’re intent on a destination wedding, pick a place like Los Angeles, that offers a plethora of stunning venue choices suitable for every couple’s taste and style.

Hire a Wedding Planner and Book Vendors

It’s time to hire the people that will work behind the scenes, and on the scene, to make your wedding unforgettable. Allow them to handle the nitty-gritty while you focus on yourself and your fabulous to-be spouse.

Pick Your Wedding Outfit and Jewellery

When you go shopping for your wedding outfit, pick something in a light, breathable material. It should look amazing, but also be comfortable for you. As for the jewellery, you could opt for something hypoallergenic, light and unique, such as exquisite wood jewellery.

Send Out the Invitations and Confirm RSVPs

Finalise the design of your invitation cards and the details that will go on them. Mail them out. Once you confirm RSVPs, you’ll need to convey the guest count to your vendors. Confirm all the details for your ceremony and reception.

Pack Your Honeymoon Bags and a Wedding Day Essentials Kit

It’s easy to miss out on the smaller things during the last few days before the wedding. Pack up your travel documents, attire and any other items you may need on your honeymoon well in advance.

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Prepare a wedding day essentials kit. The kit should include everything (like snacks, makeup, and sewing kit) that will help you sail through and thoroughly enjoy your wedding day.

Pamper Yourself and Relax

Whether it’s through spa days, meditation, nature walks, dates with your fiance, quality time with your family or all of them, make sure that you do things to recharge yourself. These activities will have you looking and feeling your best when the day arrives.

Wrapping Up

Add your items to this checklist, and note down the dates by which you intend to accomplish the tasks. Make sure that your to-do list has some flexibility. The sooner you complete tasks, the more stress-free you’ll be. Most of all, enjoy the journey towards your happily ever after.

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