Classic Trench Coats: A Wardrobe Essential

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Classic Trench Coats I’m Loving

I have a thing for trench coats. They are a classic wardrobe essential item that can be worn year around in a variety of settings such as to work, running errands, going on a date, or catching a flight.  I recommend investing in a classic style solid-colored trench coat like my mom’s vintage Burberry coat that I still love and ought to wear more often.  My goal is to one day own a classic trench coat in every color of the rainbow. Currently, I have black, brown, tan, cream lace, red snake print, and purple.

Best Trench Coats by Fashion Blogger Laura Lily, River Island Trench Coat,

Best Trench Coats,Spring Work Outfits by Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Laura Lily,

Fun facts about trench coats: a traditional trench coat is a double-breasted raincoat with deep pockets, a wide belt, and straps on the shoulders. It got the name “trench” coat because officers in World War I wore these types of coats in the trenches. The lapels, shoulder straps, and buckles all have specific purposes, but today they are mostly just ornamental. Best Trench Coats by Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Laura Lily,   Must Have Fall Fashion Guide by Fashion Blogger Laura Lily, 2019 Fall Fashion Trends, Give Me All The Fascinators by Fashion Blogger Laura Lily, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Style, Suede River Island Trench Coat,

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Cream Coats

Black Coats

Pink Coats

Blue Coats


  1. The addition of trench coats in your outfits makes you look very different from those without trench coats. The different classic trench coats you have shared through this article are different and look amazing. I am in love with the vintage Burberry trench coat. It looks fantastic, and I cannot wait to have my hands on it.

    Thank you for sharing this classic trench coats through this article with us. If you have more such information about classic trench coats like this, please share it with us.

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