Botanical Gardens

Loving Neon 2

Brian and I had a picnic Saturday at the Botanical Gardens at UCLA. It is absotutely gorgeous there! The garden is full of plants from around the world, but my favorite spot is under all the bamboo plants that have names engraved on them from years back. We added our initials as well.
Bamboo 2
Loving Neon 1
This Xhililaration dress is the one I recently picked up a few weeks ago (available here in different colors.)
Loving Neon 6
Botanical Garden Pose
Fringe Necklace
This dress is also the perfect item to display the newest Laura Lily item. I love fringe and wanted to make use of a rhinestone necklace I had laying around so voila! This piece will be available in a few weeks in a variety of colors on the LauraLilyJewelry shop on Etsy.
Orange Purse

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