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It is interesting to see just how much my style has changed over the years. No longer do I insist on wearing an armful of “arm candy” or matching nail polish to my shoes. But one thing has definitely stayed the same over the years… my love for color.  I’d pick something bright and eccentric over plain shades any day. I guess it’s my way of standing out. Something I’ve never been afraid to do when it comes to fashion.

One of my most colorful pieces is this H&M dress I bought over two years ago. I remember immediately falling in love with it in the store. Everything about it, the bright color, the chic style, styling versatility and affordable price tag made me a happy girl that day and every time that I have worn it.  Including my very first LA LuckyFABB conference and then again at New York Fashion Week in the fall. It’s important to get multiple uses out of the things we buy, and I’ve been working very hard at that.

When I pulled the dress out of box recently, it brought back a flood of great memories. Funny how clothes can do this to you isn’t it? Then I read Something Navy’s blog post about an H&M Contest and I immediately knew the perfect piece to style for the occasion.  This little pink dress exemplifies my colorful and feminine style as well as the belief that looking fabulous doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

 I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again… thank you for reading. I Hope your week is as colorful as this dress!


:: H&M Dress + Clutch :: JustFab Heels (similar) :: Lily and Laura Bracelets :: River Island Collar via ASOS ::

Photos by Azusa Takano

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