8 Creative Ways to Perk Up Your Porch and Patio on a Budget

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8 Creative Ways to Perk up Your Porch and Patio on a Budget

Have you been gazing outside at your patio and porch, wishing to perk up your hangout space, but your budget is tight? Well, even on a tight budget, you can spruce up your patio and porch, increasing its functionality and curb appeal.  Whether it’s new touches of decor, a lick of paint, comfy furniture, a few plants, or even a porch swing, here are eight creative ways to perk up your patio and porch on a budget. Patio Decor Ideas with Bed Bath & Beyond by Home Decor Blogger Laura Lily, Patio Planter Ideas,

1. Flourish with Flowers & Plants

Get creative with flowers and plants by choosing foliage and decorative planters with layers and colors to instantly add flair to your porch. Gardening centers like Home Depot sell these pre-made or you can create your own! Container gardening is another creative way to create a welcoming atmosphere.  You can save money by creating DIY geometric planters with wheelbarrows, pitchers, and painting old planters. Put them throughout the patio to bring color and life to your outdoor space.  

2. Punch up color

Add pattern and color to your porch and patio with fabrics like throw pillows and comfortable new cushions. This will change the whole mood of the space. Floor pillows and ottomans create extra seating and make a style statement. Additionally, add visual interest to your outdoor space by adding porch drapes. These curtains provide shade and privacy during those days you want to just curl up and relax.

3. Perk up your old furniture

Make your outdoor space more inviting by perking up your old patio furniture using durable outdoor fabrics in eye-catching and bright colors for effortless style. Spruce-up the old-rusted patio table and chairs with clean-up, new strapping, or spray painting. Create an island getaway by repainting the furniture in a tropical tint using the vibrant orange color, calming yellow and electric blues for a Caribbean feel.  

4. Think sitting space

Opt for two-piece furniture, like a bench with lounger, to maximize space and save cash. Alternatively, select outdoor furniture with built-in storage for hiding your accessories while providing extra seating.  Finish the look by choosing the right combination of designs and colors to match your umbrellas, tables, couches, chairs, and other outdoor furniture.  Additionally, hang a chaise with mixed colors or a canvas drop cloth to create the perfect family swing. Repurpose wicker baskets and tree stumps and turn them into attractive side tables for a rustic retreat.  


5. Make an entrance

Whether your porch or patio is standing alone or attached to your home, give it an elegant entrance that acts as a focal point.  Install a beautiful door that provides a simple and smooth transition between inside and outside. For example, a sliding door offers magnificent views and ease of use while for elegance, opt for french doors.  Additionally, make a charming arbor with a gate, metal arch, or picket fencing that blends with your outdoor space and beautify it with climbing plants and flowers.   

6. Add style to your patio floor

For a timeless and classy look on your flooring, choose clay pavers, and enjoy superior color retention and durability. Additionally, cover it with a floor coating for a non-skid and appealing space.


7. Light it up

Adding more light to your outdoor space transforms its look, security, and safety.  Enhance your outdoor light with luminaries, and containers. Twinkle the lights by adding string lights around the balcony bars, patio umbrella, or potted plants to create an outdoor oasis.  Opt for an inexpensive look by placing lit candles on a glass bowl and covering them using an upturned plant jarAdditionally, invest in tiki torches and Chinese lanterns for a party fun atmosphere, and outdoor LED for an elegant and formal look.


8. Shade and turn-up the heat 

Shut the bugs and harsh sunlight by adding shade. You may opt to buy patio covers or DIY one using an old bed sheet or curtains that complement the color and style of your outdoor space. Hook the bed sheet or drape to your home exterior to create an attractive canopy above your seating area. To heat your patio during the cold season, use portable heaters. Alternatively, create a fire pit using the traditional open wood fire or a natural gas fire to keep the cold at bay.


Patios and porches are a great addition to any home as they provide an outdoor space to relax. You can add functionality and style without spending a fortune by trying some of the above tips. What are your favorite ways to perk up your porch? Let me know in the comments below! You can also see my tips for how I decorated my patio here and tips on how to host the best backyard BBQ here!

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