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Laura Lily Sunless Tanning Review Xen-Tan

It is time for this month’s beauty review! Summer has arrived and for June we are covering the best tanning lotion.  Now, just because I live in California does not mean I have a year around tan. Quite the opposite in fact. I do not tan easily and often end up getting burnt. I tried tanning products years ago and it was a nightmare. Orange streaks, funky smells made me quit using them. I started getting back into the whole tanning lotion thing this past year as we hear more and more about the harmful effects of tanning in the sunlight. I received a trial kit of Xen-Tan products while at Luckyfabb. I took the lotions home and tried it. I will be honest, it took a few times to get the process down correctly to leave an even tan. But now I am a pro! The trick is to exfoliate well before applying the lotion. It also helped to watch this Youtube video too. The lotion gives you an instant color and gradually gets darker over a period of hours. It dries fairly quickly so within 10 minutes I can put on dark loose clothing and be completely fine. My favorite part is a natrual glowing color and not smelling like a tanning cream.

Curious to try Xen-Tan yourself? Well you are in luck! Xen-Tan has graciously offered to giveaway a box set of products worth $106!  The kit includes the Scent Secure, Dark Lotion Absolute Lux and the Hard to Reach lotion.  What are you waiting for? Bikini season is here! Get your summer tan started by entering below:

These photos were taken before and after putting on one light coat of the Dark Lotion Absolute Lux cream.

Before and After
Before and After

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For those of you who want to try Xen-Tan’s other products, you can enter the coupon code LUCKYFABB at checkout for 35% off. The code is good until August 1st. Need another opinion? Just check out the review my friend Kier did on her blog FashionAddict.la.

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FTC Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions express here about XEN-TAN are my own. I would only giveaway a product that I use myself. Any questions you can contact me or XEN-TAN.


  1. Such wonderful results! Sunless tanners are so much better then baking in the sun and risking skin diseases!

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