Today I turn….

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Today I turn 26 years old. Another year wiser, another year of memories and experiences to shape me into the woman I am today. I’ve honestly never been afraid of getting “older.” I believe you are as young as you feel and each age comes with its own positives. When I reach my late twenties I look forward to being set in my career, thirties I look forward to starting a family, when I turn 31 I look forward to my golden birthday, forties taking my kids on trips around the world and teaching them all I know, etc, etc.

Often times I wish I could go back to my teenage self and tell her all the wisdom I know now to help her confidence. The shy girl that I was, so worried about what other people thought.  Each year I try to better myself and be more of what I want and less of what other people want me to be. I’m on the path to something great and I thank you for all being their with me. Your comments and support for my blog inspire me everyday.  I am happy that I get to celebrate yet another birthday with you.




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