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I though I might give you all a little deeper insight into the world of Laura Lily. For your viewing pleasure….

Sneak peek of Friday's outfit.

Sneak peek of my Friday night outfit. Stay tuned- It will be posted next week!

Wedding Attire

Brian and I at the wedding- from the post “Wedding Attire.”

Laura & Lily

              Laura + Lily = <3   From the post “Montanta Ave.”


Fresh out of the oven- peanut butter cookies with Hershey’s kisses!

Hollywood Gamour

From the post “Hollywood Glamour” here.

The golden shoe

Gold glitter shoes on sale at Macy’s.

And that's the way the cookie crumbles

“And that’s the way the cookie crumples.” My niece got this drink and it is literally called “Cookie Crumble.”

Via Spiga

I am in love with these gorgeous Via Spiga shoes. I have never seen anything like them and they are very comfortable for being 5″ high!

Obviously I had a thing for yellow this week. Would you like to see more photos for delicious food, fabulous outfits, shoes, and my adorable dog Lily? Come follow me on instagram! My user name is: Laura__Lily (double underscore). or just click on the Instagram pictures in the sidebar.


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