Summers at the Beach

Summers at the Beach, #VeetSmooth, #SummerofSmooth, LA Fashion Blogger Laura Lily, cute 4th of july outfit ideas

Summer has tons of special qualities to love- the warm evenings, beautiful sunsets, and days at the beach. I enjoy bringing out my summer clothes, bathing suits and sun hats. What I do NOT enjoy is having to shave my legs everyday that I want to wear my adorable summer outfits.  Thankfully there is a solution!
,Summers at the Beach, #VeetSmooth, #SummerofSmooth, LA Fashion Blogger Laura Lily, cute July 4th outfit ideas

As a woman with light skin and dark hair, I turned to waxing my legs years ago to avoid the hassle of shaving. I used to go to beauty salons, but quickly turned to do-it-at-home wax kits to save myself time and money. Over the years I have used various brands. Some have worked, others not so much. Recently I was presented with the opportunity to try Veet Ready-to-use wax strips. I chose the leg and body version as I mainly wax my legs and underarms.

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First of all, using a ready-to-use wax strip is much, much less messy than a bottle of wax that you have to heat up in the microwave, apply with a giant popsicle stick, and avoid getting anything on the floor. Plus, read-to-go wax strips are easier to use when you are on the go. Forgot to pack your razor in your carry on or don’t want your honey to see the bottle of wax in your bathroom? Wax strips are much more conspicuous. Think about it this way- I will not have to worry about shaving my legs at all while I am in Maui this week. In fact, I won’t even have to pack a razor!

,Summers at the Beach, #VeetSmooth, #SummerofSmooth, LA Fashion Blogger Laura Lily, cute 4th of july outfit ideas

Another benefit of waxing is that your legs are much smoother. No stubble to worry about for the first few weeks after waxing. No dreaded goose bumbs, you’ll just be smooth and carefree.

Before you wax, I recommend taking a shower- drying completely- no oils or lotions. Make sure the moisture is off your skin. Applying a small amount of baby powder on the skin can help reduce the pulling. A bit of redness may appear afterwards, but this is normal. Just apply some olive oil and avoid shaving for a day or two to get any left over hairs that may have escaped you.

Thank you for reading and let me know what you think of your own Veet wax strips! Outfit details coming in tomorrow’s post!




Veet® helps you feel smooth all summer long.
There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom that summer brings.

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