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Stemology Cell Renew Hydro-Plus Overnight Moisturizer, best moisturizer for dry skin, best overnight cream for dry skin, Stemology review and giveaway
It has been some time since I’ve done a beauty review! I am excited about this particular post because it revolves around the latest and greatest moisturizer that I have been using to fight dry skin.

About a year ago I started noticing my daily creams and beauty regime were just not doing enough for my skin. I was getting dry, flaky patches all round my face and neck. It was embarrassing to say the least and super frustrating that it occurred everyday no matter what I did.  I spent countless hours trying new products and researching the best products for dry skin. I changed my diet, increased my water intake, and even slept with a humidifier on every night. Everything I could think of, I tried.

Even if I globbed on a super thick night cream, my skin would still feel dry when I woke up in the morning. It was as if my skin had soaked-up the product like a sponge and was thirsty for more. That is until recently…

I started using the Cell Renew Hydro-Plus Overnight Moisturizer about a month ago.  It was the first moisturizer I have found that finally gives me soft and hydrated skin! The dryness has greatly subsided and my skin no longer feels dehydrated first thing in the morning. The ingredients in this moisturizer are shown to increase skin hydration by over 15% in 4 hours! I normally use it as a night cream, so imagine the hydration when you leave it on for a full 8 hours!

The formula contains time-released hyaluronic acids that hyrdates and plumps (why do we love the word plumps when it comes to skin care? lol) Over a course of 4 weeks, the imperata cylindrica extract increases skin moisture by 35%! Although we would love to forget about wrinkles, they are inevitable. The sesame seed extract decreases wrinkle depth by 10% and lip wrinkle volume by 22%. Making it perfect for an all-over-your-face moisturizer.

Stemology Cell Renew Hydro-Plus Overnight Moisturizer, best moisturizer for dry skin, best overnight cream for dry skin, Stemology review and giveaway

Stemology is the world’s first and only eco-aware, stem cell based skincare line that’s clinically proven to restore aging skin. Their products have an all-natural formula and use stem cell technology for efficacious formulas and results. With the results I’ve experienced from their Overnight Moisturizer, I am very curious to trying out their Cell Revive Serum and Moisture Complete products.

Care to try this Overnight miracle cream for yourself? Well, I have a special surprise for you all… I have partnered with Stemology to give away the Cell Renew Hydro-Plus Overnight Moisturizer to one of you! (A $75 cream!!!) To enter, just follow the instructions below. This giveaway will end Friday, June 30th at midnight and is open to the US + Canada. Good luck!

**UPDATE** This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winner Melissa V! **

If you would like to check out more of Stemology’s amazing product line, visit their website:

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