The Story of My Thinning Hair

Pura d'or advanced therapy system
Pura d'or advanced therapy system
Pura d'or advanced therapy system

I want to share a more personal story with you all today and it has to do with something I used to take for granted…my hair. Growing up and through most of my twenties, I had the thickest hair. It was so long that half the time I had no idea what to do with it and any kind of styling (minus a pony tail) took at least an hour. I used to always find my hair to be a hassel.

As I’ve reached my late twenties and my hair isn’t as thick as it used to be. It takes much more time to grow to the long length that it used to be. It’s likely an onset of age, genetics and an issue I had last year with hormones.  I had an extreme onset of hair loss due to a birth control I was on last year called the IUD. For the 5 months that I was on it, my hair began to fall out in clumps and what was once a full pony tail scaled down to about half the size.

Long story short, I stopped the IUD, and became very proactive to regrow my beloved hair.  I took supplements, gently brushed it, rarely used hot tools, and used every kind of regrowth supplement I could get my hands on. Looking back on old photos I miss that long, unmanageable hair so much. You can see a photo of just how long it was here.  Now, I am very proactive in protecting the hair I worked so hard to regrow and that includes using products that are gentle, strengthen hair and reduce hair loss.

That is why I am proud to partner with Pura d’or for today’s post. Their products are powered by natural and organic ingredients that are clinically proven to strengthen hair, increase volume, reduce hair loss, and reduce breakage. I started using this shampoo and conditioner combination a few weeks ago and have been loving the results I’ve been seeing. My once dull, brittle hair is developing more shine and strength.

With all of the toxins we come in contact with every day, I am an advocate for using products clean ingredients. This is especially important for your hair because with a healthy scalp you can actually prevent hair loss naturally and energize your hair from root to tip. Plus, the Pure d’or products work great with colored hair and/or extensions.  The proprietary blend of organic extracts and essential nutrients including pumpkin seed oil, nettle & black cumin seed oil nourishes hair follicles, revitalizes thinning hair, and encourages healthy strong strands.

More product highlights include:

  • Blend of 17 key active ingredients help reduce hair loss due to breakage (read all about the ingredients here)
  • Vitamin Infused
    Revives damaged and distressed hair, leaving it healthier looking and smoother
  • Supports healthy scalp, regenerates hair, and revitalizes follicles
  • Adds body, increases volume, and thickens hair
  • Argan Oil nourishes and strengthens scalp and hair
  • Antioxidants keep hair healthy

Pura D’or products are also: cruelty-free, contain no ingredients derived from animals, no harmful chemicals, no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no artificial colorants, no mineral oil, no pretrolatum, no common allergens, no propylene glycol, no formaldehyde, no chemical sunscreens, no chlorine, they are hypo-allergenic, gluten-free, color safe and made in the USA!

Their products are available at most major retailers including Target, CVS, Ulta, and Costco.  You can read more at ✨Use My Code: LauraLily to receive $30 off your first order  (you’ll only pay $19.99 for the set of shampoo and conditioner!)

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In collaboration with Pura d’or. All opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Laura Lily going!

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