Project Ethos

On the red carpet with @thegreatdayn at @projectethos #lafw

Tuesday night, Brian, Dayna and I attended Project Ethos at the Avalon in Hollywood. Honestly, I was very disappointed. The line to get in went by quickly, but that was the only good part. The venue felt over capacity, 4 levels meant you had to climb a staircase to get anywhere and the fashion was well, disappointing. But I have been spoiled by NYFW and other high end events so I always try to not be too judgmental when being a spectator. I felt as if no one there was really interested in the fashion show or the amazing art work hung on the walls. There were even artists painting live, which was neat to watch. This was not an industry event to network, it was a Tuesday night of Hollywood party goers- NOT my scene. I would rather be curled up with my boyfriend, a bottle or wine and a good movie if I am not at a legit fashion show. Now I know that Project Ethos is just not for me. At least I got some decent shots of the artwork on display!

Live art at @ProjectEthos #artist #lafw

Tonight at @projectethos. Hello Liz. #lafw

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