Happy Birthday Kier!

Happy Birthday Kier Mellour, Fashion Addict LA, La Fashion Blogger

One of the best parts about blogging is meeting other young women that have the same interests as me. I’ve made some amazing friends over the past two years of blogging and one of them is Kier. Her personality is as colorful as her outfits. Kier darling you always push me to be better, expect more for myself and stand up for what I believe it. Thank you for being so genuinely awesome.  Thank you for “Convincing me” to go to NYFW in February with you as it was one of the best trips I have ever had. Thank you for being so (brutally) honest about everything-it’s one of my favorite traits about you. I hope you have a fantastic birthday and get everything you want. ( Including a pair of Louboutins!!!)

Happy Birthday Kier!


Kier 5 Kier 6

Kier 4

Kier 1
Happy birthday beautiful lady!


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