Birthday Girl!

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Another year has gone by and I get to celebrate my birthday for the second time on my blog- here is last year’s birthday outfit. I am the big 25 today, a quarter century. A lot of people dread getting older. I don’t, mainly because I do not want to feel negatively about something that is going to happen anyway. So I look at it differently, as we get older, we become wiser, we build deeper relationships with the people we love and have plenty of things to look forward to. Of course I miss being young and feeling invincible, but as we get older great things happen too such as marriage, children, a super chic wardrobe and hopefully a walk in closet 😉

This photo was taken last year at New York Fashion Week.


  1. Happy birthday, Laura Lily!!! 25 is easy, breezy. Wait for 26, hahaha. If you need support on your next birthday I can always come visit you in LA with ice cream, and cookies… and brownies! Haha. All the best, mi amiga! Que cumplas muchos más!

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