Birthday Dress Ideas

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Birthday Dress Ideas

Lately, I have been so consumed with getting the new house in order that I’ve completely lost track of time. Being covered in paint, dust, and plant debris has left me feeling anything BUT glamorous. However, I happen to check the date and realize that it is only 13 days until my birthday! Early last month I happened to order the most beautiful velvet sequin dress from Asos believing that the quarantine couldn’t extend to my birthday and that I would actually be able to celebrate with girlfriends. HA.

I put on this sequin dress the other day for these photos and felt like Carrie from Sex in the City. Believing that one day soon it will get its chance to shine in the limelight. Until that day, it will be sitting in my closet. But just because we are not free to roam the streets doesn’t mean we cannot get dressed up on our special days. Here are a round-up of all the birthday dress ideas worthy of a birthday:

Luxe Satin



Vibrant and Tropical

Stay tuned for my 32nd Birthday Wishlist!

Dress: Joanna Ortiz | Veil: Asos

More photos on this look here.

Photos by Taylor Lynn Photo

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