2015 in Review


I bought my first home. Holding the keys was surreal. Walking into it everyday is still surreal. I hope this butterfly feeling sticks around for a long time. Move in day was also one of the best days of my life. After years of dreaming, months of searching, 4 months reconstruction, and 6 hours of non-stop moving I looked around to see family and friends standing there with me in my new home I just started to cry. Tear s of relief, tears of happiness, tears of gratitude. They surrounded me in a giant hug and I had never felt so loved. It was a moment I’ll cherish forever.

People StyleWatch March 2015


My first magazine feature in People StyleWatch. Such a cool experience!

Seattle  22574

My first visit to Seattle. What an amazing city with rich history and delicious food! Getting to see the fall leaves was my absolute favorite part.

best of 2015 26565

One of my best friends of 10 years finally moved back to California this year and is going to be my roommate. One minute with her and I am already laughing my ass off. She gets me and I look forward to many Harry Potter and Twilight movie marathons!!

best of 2015 26567

Traveling to Kauai for the first time with my family. They drive me crazy sometimes, but I cannot imagine life without them.

best of 2015 26566

Brendan and Rocio’s Wedding in October. Being Brian’s date and seeing our longtime friends finally tie the knot at a gorgous venue in Palm Springs that over looked the enire city was a magical night.

Another great gift in 2015 – finding a job that I love and a team that is just incredible. I could not be happier.

2016 Goals and Resolutions:

1. Be more positive: ALWAYS

2. Always be thankful

3. Finish decorating and furniting the house

4. Travel more: especially with girlfriends and take a trip to Paris

5. Save more money (aka stop buying shoes)

6. Build my dream closet (that will house all my shoes)

7. Attend my 10 year high school reunion in Minnesota

8. Be nice to everyone because you never know what they are going through

9. Call my grandmothers and my mom more often

10. Work out more/ go to the gym

11. Learn to stop looking to the future so much and live more in the present

12. Stop caring what others think so much

I wish you all a happy new Year! Thank you so much for reading my blog. It truly is an amazing experience getting to share my passions and life with you.




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