10 Easily Attainable Personal Fitness Goals for 2019

Personal Fitness Goals featured by top US life and style blogger Laura Lily; Image of a woman playing tennis wearing TJ MAXX bra and LACOSTE skirt. Personal Fitness Goals featured by top US life and style blogger Laura Lily; Image of a woman playing tennis wearing TJ MAXX bra and LACOSTE skirt.

10 Easily Attainable Personal Fitness Goals for 2019

It’s a new year and therefore a new you. Many of you probably signed up for gym memberships, but have already seen your attendance slip.  That was me just a few years ago. I didn’t like the gym. Funny enough, now I’m a regular. It’s my escape when I need a break from work; place to blog off steam.  How did I make this transition, you ask? Well, I talked about my fitness journey in this post and in today’s personal fitness goals post, I’m sharing all the ways I keep my fitness goals. I hope that these easy to follow steps will help you attain your personal fitness goals this year.

One: Set long and short term goals. Sure you want to get a six pack by summer, but what goals do you need to reach in the interim to accomplish your long term goals? Perhaps the short term goals are to go the gym two times a week and swap out one unhealthy meal for a healthier option. Accomplishing a few short term goals will set you up for success for your long term goals.

Two: Get a workout partner or a trainer, someone to help hold you accountable for actually getting your workouts in.

Three: Invest in cute workout clothes. It makes me excited to get dressed for the gym when I know I have workout clothes that I feel good in.  I get most of my workout clothes from Target.

Four: Start slow. If you’re not used to working out it’s unwise to think that you’re gonna be able to go from working out zero to four days a week without wanting to quit. I recommend starting two days and working your way up from there.

Five: Understand that it’s OK to have off days. Listen to your body. There are days when it’s OK to do a slower work out and then other days to really want to push yourself. Some days I just do 20 minutes of cardio and stretching.

Six: Grab a workout buddy. It’s always more fun to go to the gym with somebody. Just make sure that they’re going to be as dedicated as you are.

Seven: Have a goal if not a few goals in mind. What is it do you want to accomplish? Run a marathon? Lose weight? Tone? Get your post-baby body back? When I first started my goal was to lose weight and tone. As I started to see the weight come off and my muscles formed, it inspired me to keep going. It took a few months, of course, nothing happens overnight. But the way it feels to see the results is inspiring.

Eight: Keep track of your progress. Keep a journal of your measurements. Take before and after photos to show your body transformation.  Track how many situps you can do in a minute, how long you can hold a plank for, sit with your back against the wall. Test this progress every few months to see your improvement on paper.   You may not see results right away but you’ll feel the effects immediately. The days when I work out I have so much more energy, I sleep much better and feel less anxiety. Those effects are worth just as much as muscle definition, at least to me.

Nine: Find an activity you enjoy. You don’t have to go to the gym to work out. I recently found a tennis meet-up that practices together a few times a week via Meetup.com. When you enjoy your workout, you are much more likely to stick to it.

Ten: Be Patient with yourself. It’s okay to take things at your pace. You may not see results as quickly as you would like to, but understand that these things take time and to just focus on all the other great qualities that come with taking care of your body: better sleep, increased mental focus, weight loss, less stress, endorphins, etc.

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