Asos Spring Dresses

Asos Spring Dresses by Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Laura Lily,

Like all of you, I am looking forward to the day this is all over and we can go back to pulling our favorite dresses out of our closets for special occasions. Reminiscing about that day, I found myself on one of my favorite websites,, shopping for beautiful dresses for all kinds of occasions. Spring weddings, picnics, date nights. I was overwhelmed with all of the options and happy to see that so many on sale! Especially the dress that I ordered to wear for my birthday!

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Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas by Fashion Blogger Laura Lily, Blush Bridesmaid Dress,

   Bridesmaid Dress Ideas I’ve been a bridesmaid twice in my life. I got very lucky both times because for the first wedding we were all able to pick our own dresses, and the second wedding all of our dresses were an elegant blue chiffon fabric. No 27 Dresses, please! (A tribute to Katherine Heigel’s movie…

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The Blue Prom Dress of My Dreams

Macduggal Blue Prom Dress styled by top US Fashion Blogger Laura Lily

  Ieena for MacDuggal Blue Prom Dress When Omeed asked me to be his date to his best friend’s wedding I searched to find the perfect dress for the occasion. One that would make an appropriate statement. By appropriate I mean not overshadowing the bride. After browsing numerous websites, Instagram and Pinterest for what seemed…

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