New York Fashion Week Must Haves

New York Fashion Week is one of the must-do experiences for any fashionista. The entire city is bustling with excitement and each day is filled with exciting events.  There is plenty of running around town trying to make it to the next runway show or dinner party.

Over the year’s of attending Fashion Week, I have developed a list of  “Fashion Week Must Haves.” It is a list of items that I cannot live without during New York Fashion Week because having them makes my experience much more enjoyable. These three items are …

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Unpublished New York Fashion Week Photos

To commemorate the end of another New York Fashion Week, I thought I would put together of series of unpublished photographs. These were all taken last year while I was in New York with my good friend and photographer Tony. It’s funny how many photos we take and never publish. But I am glad I get to share these with you now.

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New York Fashion Week: Is It Worth It to Attend as a Blogger?

It’s currently New York Fashion Week and our feeds are being flooded with envious posts of the bloggers wearing the latest trends and attending the hottest shows. I used to have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) over these things…not anymore. Here’s why…

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