Real Talk – Episode 1: Big Announcement

Welcome to my first video episode for my Real Talk Series!! For the first video I want to share a big announcement that I have been dying to tell you all. It has been a work in progress and is truly a dream come true for me.  I couldn’t have done it without all your support… Read More

Real Talk: Blogger Tips for Filing Taxes

Welcome to my second segment of Real Talk! I received a lot of great comments and questions after my first post last week on how I make money blogging.  One reader asked me to share how I file my taxes.  This is an excellent topic to discuss especially with taxes due in just two weeks! Many of you… Read More

Real Talk: How I Make Money From Blogging

Welcome to my real talk episodes series! I have wanted to start this series for a while and am excited that the day has finally come. This series will be a mixture of video and written posts where I’ll be talking about real life issues with my experience as a blogger, a woman, and running… Read More