Unpublished New York Fashion Week Photos

To commemorate the end of another New York Fashion Week, I thought I would put together of series of unpublished photographs. These were all taken last year while I was in New York with my good friend and photographer Tony. It’s funny how many photos we take and never publish. But I am glad I get to share these with you now.

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New York Fashion Week: Is It Worth It to Attend as a Blogger?

It’s currently New York Fashion Week and our feeds are being flooded with envious posts of the bloggers wearing the latest trends and attending the hottest shows. I used to have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) over these things…not anymore. Here’s why…

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How to Overcome Insecurities

Last September while I was in New York, I had an amazing transformation of thought. Throughout the course of just a few hours in one day, I went from feeling like a nobody to a woman who can accomplish anything I set my mind to. It was the most amazing feeling that happened during one of…

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