Best Moments of New York Fashion Week

In my last blog post, I showed you my favorite outfits that I’ve worn during New York Fashion Week. Today, I’m sharing my best memories. Each season has had so many incredible experiences and made each trip to special. This post will highlight some of my favorite… Beginning with meeting one of my favorite bloggers, Chiara…

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New York Fashion Week Vlog 2013

New York Fashion Week Vlog by Laura Lily,

New York Fashion Week Vlog 2013. See all of my behind the scenes and inside the runway shows of some of the hottest designers!

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Flashback New York Fashion Week 2012

This is it, the event I have been waiting for since September 2012- New York Fashion Week is finally here!!! The time of year when all of the biggest names in the fashion industry come together to celebrate the launch of a new season and fabulous fashion. I had so much fun last year attending…

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