10 Tips For Hosting A Dinner Party Every Hostess Should Know

10 Party Hosting Tips Every Hostess Should Know by Lifestyle Blogger Laura Lily,

I love hosting guests in both my own home and any home away from home. I want everyone to be comfortable, well fed and having fun.  With that said, there are a few tips that I always follow no matter where I am, what the occasion is, or how many guests I’m having. Here are the 10 Party Hosting Tips Every Hostess Should Know…

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New York Fashion Week Must Haves

New York Fashion Week is one of the must-do experiences for any fashionista. The entire city is bustling with excitement and each day is filled with exciting events.  There is plenty of running around town trying to make it to the next runway show or dinner party.

Over the year’s of attending Fashion Week, I have developed a list of  “Fashion Week Must Haves.” It is a list of items that I cannot live without during New York Fashion Week because having them makes my experience much more enjoyable. These three items are …

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