Sequoia National Forest

I have caught the travel bug…hard.  I was just dying to get out of town for the long weekend. My friend and photographer Tony mentioned he was going up to the Sequoia National Forest to shoot some landscape photography. So I offered to bake some cookies for the drive and come along. I had never… Read More

Fringe Backpack

How lucky am I to live in a city that has 80 degree days even in the middle of November? Next week I’ll be headed to Minnesota for my 10 year high school reunion. vThe thought of having to put on a jacket for 40 degree weather already has me shivering. LA please keep bringing… Read More

Pink Coat

Happy Tuesday everyone! Last week was a busy one. Friday afternoon I attended the Collective Conference to support my fellow bloggers. Afterwards there was a networking cocktail hour where I got to see some new and familiar faces. Honestly, sometimes I am so shy to talk to people, and other times I have no fear… Read More